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July 14, 2023

Your All Access Pass to Summer Fun. And It’s Just Warming Up.

Here comes the sun, and all of the warm weather activities that follow.Chickahominy Falls has a way of shapeshifting to bring out the very best of each and every season. And with summer right on the horizon, an all-new set of experiences are ready to brighten the days up ahead. Read on for even more about what makes this award-winning lifestyle shine.

Soak Up The Fun.

Things are starting to come alive again at The Farmhouse. Before you even step one foot inside, the collection of experiences start with the art and soul of outdoor living in a series of well styled and layered spaces. With fun designed from the inside, out, even our veranda and outdoor spaces at The Farmhouse open up opportunity for fun. From a bocce court to a summer kitchen and plenty of Ralph Lauren inspired seating areas, you can always experience a fresh Farmhouse experience here. And sometimes for the perfect day, we say just add water. The pool deck is designed to kick back, come together, or cool down all in one. There are so many ways to make this one amenity yours.

Avant Garden.

Sprouts and shoots are popping up in rows and the brand-new Woodside Market has opened its doors to farm fresh produce and goodies from right here at home and from a few of our favorite foodie friends. You can enjoy its goodness in heaps and mounds with our weekly CSA shares or by fully immersing yourself in some dirt therapy, with plenty of volunteer opportunities to dig right in.

Happy Hues.

There are signs of life everywhere. Planned perennial and wildflower gardens are painting the landscape all around, with every shade of green represented. And from the trails that wind through to the Pup Patch, everyone is descending on the outdoors.

Summer Sleepovers

All signs of summer point to sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Where anything goes and everything is designed to make them wanting more. S’mores at the firepit. Dropping a line in the fishing pond. And swimming all day and night. Creating a series of core memories that you’ll be hard pressed to make anywhere else.

You’ll never feel any better than waking up every morning to a life that you love. Especially when your five-star lifestyle has an amenities mix that takes every day in a new and brighter direction. With several neighborhoods now selling in Chickahominy Falls, now is the time to make your summer plans.


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