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Energy Efficiency

Cornerstone’s Energy Efficient Homes for our 55+ Homeowners

There are many benefits to using less energy in your home. First we save our natural resources. Second, you save money. And third, your home is comfortable and healthier. We call this PEACE OF MIND!

“Went up the attic stairs today to find very little dust in the ACs filter. Have only replaced the filter once since last year.” - Steve S.

Energy Efficient Features in Your Cornerstone Home:

Thermal Design

A tight thermal envelope is the enclosure that holds warm or cool air inside the house. An air seal energy package at all exterior walls, windows and doors create a barrier that limits leaks.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Efficient delivery and filtration systems reduce dust, odors and indoor contaminants ensuring a healthier home.

Zip System®

ZIP System® R-sheathing is the simple all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation that features integrated moisture, air, and thermal protection. The Zip System® features 4 layers that work to combat air and moisture from the front, and heat and cold from the back. 


1. Built-In exterior insulation 

2. Integrated water-resistive barrier 

3. Continuous air barrier 

4. Structural durability 


The use of low-e glass, thermal pane windows minimizes heat transfer from the sun into your home to keep you cool and helps prevent heat loss during the winter months.

HVAC Equipment

Trane gas heat and electric AC properly sized to meet your home’s needs. Multiple air ducts and return air grilles help stimulate fresh air ventilation, decrease humidity, enable the air to circulate more easily, and reduce energy usage. Systems controlled by programmable thermostat.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is important. Using the right sized HVAC systems, multiple air ducts and returns help dry the moisture that naturally passes through the home.

Roof Design

Energy saving roof vents for full attic ventilation. Radiant barrier roof decking helps reduce energy consumption.

Water-Saving Features

A home’s water efficiency can have a great impact on the owner’s wallet, that’s why we choose water-efficient toilets, faucets, shower heads and appliances to save you.


Energy star rated appliances save water, electricity and money.

Maximize Natural Light

Create living spaces that feel bright and airy without needing light on all the time.

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