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Path To Ownership

Path To Ownership

At Cornerstone Homes we want to make the process of building your new home enjoyable and fun. We follow these steps to ensure you are informed and with us every step of the way. It is our number one priority to build you a new home that you love!

Our Path To Ownership



Consultation Appointment & Price Out

During this meeting, we’ll help you determine what you want and need in your new home. We’ll discuss structural and design options and provide preliminary pricing.


Select & Confirm Homesite Location

You and the Sales Manager will walk your chosen homesite, and discuss the grading and positioning of your home.


Write New Home Contract

At this time, we will write, review, and sign a contract. We recommend that you choose all structural options. You will be required to pay a $4,000 deposit and 50% of structural options at this time, also. Once the contract is signed, you have 21 days to complete your selections.


Make Loan Application

(As required!)


Design Selections Preview

This is the fun part! Our browsing hours are set for you to come and learn more about all of the ways you can personalize your home. This time will help you prepare for your Design Selections Appointment.


Design Selections Appointment

It’s time to personalize your new home! You and Cornerstone Homes' Design Consultant will confirm all your selections. A deposit of 50% of selections is required at this time. Don’t forget your check book!


Loan Approval or Verification of Funds

Loan or funds are approved before meeting with your Site Supervisor!


Building Permit Received

Once the permit is received, we'll begin the construction process!


Pre-Construction Meeting

Approximately two weeks prior to the start of construction, you will meet with your Sales Manager and your Site Supervisor. They will go over your contract and all selections that you have made. They will also give you some hints about the exciting weeks ahead as we build your home!



Construction Begins!

We begin to break ground on your new home!


Weekly Progress Reports

Throughout your construction, your Construction Manager and your Sales Manager will keep you up-to-date on whats happening with your new home.


Pre-Drywall Orientation

Approx. 70-75 days from the start of construction, your Construction Manager will arrange for you to come to the site and see what’s behind the walls before we install the drywall. You will be asked to review selections for accuracy. (You will NOT be able to make changes or add-ons, only verify what is documented in your contract.)


Finish Work

Final trim out of your personalized selections!


Notification of Completion

You will receive a Notification of Completion approximately 30 days out from your Closing Coordinator. This allows you to plan your move, and allows us to schedule your New Home Orientation and Closing.


Internal Quality Assurance Walk

Approximately one week prior to your New Home Orientation, your Construction Manager will walk through your new home and determine items that still need to be completed. These items will be completed prior to your New Home Orientation to assure your home is exactly what you expect!


New Home Orientation with Sales Manager & Site Supervisor

Your Construction Manager will walk through your new home with you and explain how everything works. (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, hot water heater, counters, appliances, garage door, locks & alarm systems, warranty, emergency info.) Final punch list items noted by you will be documented for completion.


Courtesy Walk & Closing!

We’ll be excited to hand you the keys to your new home! You will also receive your Closing Package, which includes: your HOA documents and Warranty information.



Move In and Enjoy Your New Home!

Now you can relax in you Cornerstone Home.


2-Week Survey

You will receive a survey at 2 weeks after closing. Kindly let us know how we did.


45-Day Warranty Walk

After 45 days in your new home, we invite you to submit your 45 day list provided at your New Home Orientation. Please be sure to have any warrantable items noted in writing!


4-Month Survey

You will receive a survey 4 months after closing. Again, how did we do? We want you to be happy! It is our #1 priority to ensure you love your new Cornerstone Home!


11-Month Warranty Walk

After 11 months in your new home, we invite you to submit your 11 month list provided at your New Home Orientation. Please be sure to have any warrantable items noted in writing!

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