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"We have enjoyed the process with Cornerstone and are now enjoying our new way of life! Love this neighborhood, our new friends and all the happenings at the clubhouse."

Bobbie & Steve, Homeowner at The Villas at Ashlake

"It's great, everything is taken care of but you still feel like you have control."

Evans, Homeowner at Chickahominy Falls

"We are so excited to be part of this great community, filled with an abundance of new friends and neighbors, natural beauty and promise for a wonderful future. It's great to be home!"

Rick & Liz, Homeowners at Chickahominy Falls

"The people here are so friendly...I find it's a wonderful community. Incredible neighbors, everybody looks our for one another."

Charlotte, Homeowner at Barley Woods

"We downsized from a 3 story house to a one story house. We got rid of most of our old stuff and bought almost all new furniture! We right-sized all right and love it."

Ruenett, Lorraine & Ellaine, Homeowners at The Villas at Ashlake

"Finally, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy life, instead of having to stress about keeping up with the yard work and cleaning a huge two story home!"

Pamela, Homeowner at Barley Woods

"We were drawn to CF because of the active and healthy lifestyle this "agri-community" promotes as well as its great location, but the best part was moving into a truly wonderful neighborhood that is turning into a supportive group of friends we can share this next chapter of our lives with. "

Lynn & Kent, Homeowners at Chickahominy Falls

"We love how easy it is to pick up and leave for vacation and not worry about cutting the grass or pulling weeds. We are happy as clams here!"

Pat & George, Homeowners at The Villas at Ashlake

"Cornerstone floor plans have a lot of flexible space options and I chose to add a larger master closet. I love it!"

Barbara, Homeowner at The Villas at Ashlake

"We love the focus here at Chickahominy Falls around the farm and healthy living, the spirit of community that thrives here and the easy access from here to Richmond and beyond.”

Karan & Jay, Homeowners at Chickahominy Falls

"I am just so pleased with everything. I love all the upgrades for the elderly. The location is great and I love the neighborhood."

Patricia, Homeowner at Barley Woods

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