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October 18, 2021

Porch Style Halloween Fun!!!

Remember the good ‘ole days when people sat on the front porch (instead of the back deck) and saw their neighbors, had short conversations, or invited them to sit a spell? At Cornerstone Homeswe believe that when people are connected, they are happier.  And happier means healthier.  And through these social gatherings on front porches or along the sidewalks, you will find an increased sense of belonging and a spirit of fun. One thing is for sure, front porches connect neighbors!

Fast forward to Chickahominy Falls in Hanover County.   Cornerstone Homes' agri-community with a front porch culture.   

One day, Mary Beth, Paula and Susan (new friends and homeowners at Chickahominy Falls) were taking their daily walk through the neighborhood.  Mary Beth just happened to make a suggestion..."it's getting close to Halloween, let's decorate our front porches with skeletons!  You know the smallest gesture can sometimes bring humor and joy to everyone," said Mary Beth.  And so they started.  Soon more people started jumping on board.  But these are not just normal skeletons, let me say!  The creativity and spirit of this community is out of this world.   Picture this.....Skeletons with hunting gear, drinking wine, offering ice cream bones, meet bona Lisa, Bone to Be Wild,  and some change their outfits every couple of days!  The imaginations just go on and on.   As a warning, don't bother going to the local Michael's store anytime soon, the shelves are bare!!   

Come on out and drive through Chickahominy Falls these days and you’ll see some festive porch décor that just might tickle your funny bone.  We have such a unique lifestyle that lives here and in all our communities.  One that is built with play and purpose in mind. 

As an extra treat for you at Chickahominy Falls, stop by Chickahominy Falls on Oct 30th for a special Fall Festival!  Featuring live music, food trucks, tours of the farm, models and dusty boot tours of the 5-star resort style clubhouse - The Farmhouse, to be completed later this year!  No trick here, you can be part of this special community sooner than later.   

We love our happy homeowners.  Our paths crossed in a momentous kind of way.   And now let’s face it.  You are considered part of the family.  That is why we make sure to take care of you.  At Cornerstone Homes, we place a comma where most builders place a period. Our devotion to our buyers goes on and on.    Here, and at all our communities in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia, the fun is cultivated from the ground up!  Click here to see other Cornerstone Home communities! Become part of the family TODAY!

Stop by today and see for yourself.  We’ve got this feeling, inside our bones that you’re going to like what you see.    And who knows what we are going to find on the front porches when Christmas comes!!!

The Cornerstone Insider.


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