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August 30, 2018

Join the Club! Get Social at a Cornerstone Homes Community

Do you love getting together with friends to enjoy your favorite hobby or game? Or to socialize around good food? Join the club! In our Cornerstone Homes communities, it’s not just about building homes, it’s about building communities for people to connect, engage, and enjoy life. With your new maintenance-free lifestyle, you’ll have plenty of time to jump right in and have fun. At a Cornerstone Homes Community, you will love where you live and feel like you belong. From day 1,  we make sure it’s easy to make connections.   Morning coffees, cooking demonstrations and tastings, happy hours, and more, we make sure you feel welcomed.  But the fun doesn’t stop there… we have a wide range of  clubs and fun social events that speak to your interests and allow you to be as social as you want. Your schedule is set by you, and can be as packed as you desire! Here are a few of our active and fun clubs and events that will keep you engaged and enhance your life:

Happy Hours

Raise your glass and cheers! Our weekly happy hours, complete with a variety of tasty drinks and cocktails, is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate good times and get to know your new neighbors and catch up with the old ones! 

Coffee Socials

Nothing makes a morning sweeter than a fresh, hot cup of aromatic coffee with your neighbors. No matter how you like your favorite brew, our homeowners look forward to gathering at the monthly coffee socials to have a cup of Joe along with some sweet treats and  great conversation. Join the Club Friends in the community neighbors

Garden Social Mixers

 Corner Patch Garden Cornerstone Homes

Don’t you just love the look of fresh flowers on your table and cooking with fresh produce?  Attending the monthly social mixers where you will watch cooking demonstrations with veggies just picked from your Corner Patch Garden will change your life.   Eating healthy is the gateway to happiness, right?   Our chef will cook right from the garden and we guarantee a gastronomical delight!   Jump in and harvest veggies to take home and mingle with your neighbors.  The Garden Club digs deeper to learn more in-depth growing techniques, crafts from the garden, healthy eating and more.  This is a neighborhood favorite.

Garden Events Corner Patch Garden

Sunshine Club

Our intimate and close-knit communities are just like small-town Americana.  Where neighbors look after each other.   Created  to help their neighbors, the Sunshine Club brings joy to those who are ill or in need, or just need a helping hand.  Ways to help can be hanging a picture or changing a light bulb,  delivering a meal or offering to give a ride.  It's just what we do.  give a ride sunshine club cornerstone homes helping neighbors in need

Cards & Game Clubs

games at The Villas at Ashlake

If you love a little competition, these clubs are for you!  If  you don't see your favorite, start one... With everything from traditional card games to Mahjong and even dominoes, you can put your skills to the test with a friendly group.            

Knitting Crochet Club

Quilting/Knitting Club 

Relaxing and exciting all at the same time, quilting and knitting are two of our all-time favorite activities. Dive into your latest project among a group of people who can give you tips, new ideas, or just provide a friendly face while you practice your craft.    

Bible Study Groups

Study and explore the bible and share your personal journey.   Fellowship with your peers.

Cooking Club 

Our clubhouse kitchens are perfect to gather your friends for a cooking party.  Sit back, relax and savor a glass of wine while a local chef takes the reins on your culinary journey.  Or it may be one of our own sharing a favorite meal.  Learn new recipes or new cooking techniques.    Bottom line... food is a universal language that brings people together. Bon appetit! 

Trivia Night

Are you basically a Jeopardy champion in disguise? Come have fun at one of our Trivia Night events, where you can show off your knowledge for random facts!  


Nothing’s more fun than sharing your favorite food with others.  Bring one dish and end up with a feast.   Sometimes we do theme nights, other nights just a good old fashion pot luck.  It's so much fun to see what everyone brings! 



book club cornerstone homes

Book Club

What are you reading lately? Get together with other book lovers to share thoughts and opinions on the latest and favorite books.  "You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book." - Dr. Suess  

Fitness Club

Whether you're looking for a steady gym partner or a friend for a  class in our Fitness Centers, everyone in the Fitness Club has the same goal as you: to live a fit and healthy life! From improved memory and brain health to better sleep quality and overall happiness, the benefits of regular exercise are endless! Cornerstone Homes Fitness Center

Walking Club

Let's go for a stroll! If you love going for long walks with a friend or two, our communities are surrounded by beautiful walking trails and paved sidewalks.  Be sure to stop along the way and chat with your neighbors.   Walking is a great way to get your blood flowing and boost your mood!    fitness gadgets

Nights on the Town Club


We love to explore the local area with our neighbors.   Our communities are situated close to a variety of exciting restaurants, theaters, art museums, live music & dancing, and historical venues to name a few.  Monthly outings are popular for those that don't want any grass growing under their feet.  

Craft Club

If you love finding crafty ideas on Pinterest, this is the club for you! From wreath making to pottery, you'll leave every meeting with a little more skill, a handmade keepsake, and the pride that comes with creating something beautiful! Cornerstone Inside Scoop: If you are an expert in any craft, feel free to share your talents with the club!

Travel Club

Travel Club Cornerstone Homes 

Indulge your wanderlust as you listen to tales from your neighbors' travels, and share your own unique stories of your favorite trips. Caught the travel bug? Get a few neighbors together and head out on group vacation. You'll return with a few close friends and a lot of wonderful memories.     Socializing is fun, but did you know that social interaction can actually help you live longer? Believe it or not, being social can lower blood pressure, decrease risks of mental health issues, and ward off loneliness. So, as you will see, our Clubhouses are  always buzzing with activity, so come on in and join the excitement!   Ask when our  next morning coffee is and come hear first hand from the homeowners what a fun place this is to live.   We can’t wait to share the excitement with  you! 


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