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January 31, 2017

Get the Down-Low on Down-Sizing!

We loved this article we just found on Huffington Post! Entitled Here’s the Down-Low on Down-Sizing”, Melissa Reed writes about her emotional experience with selling the family home and moving to a more manageable home with her husband. She very astutely describes the process that so many of our Cornerstone home owners have experienced – moving on from your long-time home, and deciding what to keep and what to toss from years of living in one space. For Reed, like many of us, the process was difficult as she, “joyfully held 38-year old’s kindergarten ceramic project” only to days later, “throw her first baby tooth down the trash chute”. In a different perspective, Reed’s husband “took no prisoners. He loathes clutter”. One thing is for certain, we all know someone, even if it’s ourselves, that shares either Reed’s or her husband’s opinion on downsizing. At Cornerstone, we want to make sure that no matter your personality on downsizing during your move, we take the moving process and make sure that it is fun and personal! Our Concierge Program is set up to help make your move simpler and stress-free. Our team of experts can help you prepare your home for sale, right-size your life, and organize your move. Here are some down-sizing tips:
  • Keep the memories, get rid of the stuff. Downsizing experts recommend concentrating on the memories as you sort and toss. Tell stories about prized items, take photos, enjoy the trip down memory lane. It’ll make it easier to part with things, and remind you why you loved them in the first place.
  • Be practical. If you’re retired, you don’t need a closet full of business attire. If you’re right-sizing, you don’t need four bedrooms worth of furniture. There’s a freedom that comes along with letting go.
  • Be realistic. Your kids probably don’t have an emotional attachment to your dining room suite. It’s really just “stuff”. Your children will be just fine if you toss their art projects and prom dresses. Offer it to them and if they don’t want it, in the trash it goes!
  • Look toward the future, not back at the past. You’re starting a new stage of your life. You don’t need to bring all of your past with you. Enjoy the anticipation of a new home, a new town, and new friends!

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