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August 2, 2018

Ways to Utilize Your Private Outdoor Space

It’s time to kiss chores, home maintenance, and a boring task list goodbye. In a Cornerstone home, your life is all about freedom! Here, the only schedule you have to follow is the one you make for yourself. In your spacious private courtyard, you’ll discover the true meaning of sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!   Did you know that every Cornerstone Homes floor plan comes with this wide open, gorgeous space? No matter which home you love the most, you’re guaranteed to receive an incredible outdoor oasis - whether it’s a private courtyard or covered patio- free of extra upgrade charges.   From decorating, to growing plants, to throwing courtyard parties, there are infinite ways to have a blast in your outdoor sapce. This summer, enjoy the happiest season of all and get inspired by a few of our favorite things to do in these special spots:   Decorate Until You Drop Unleash your inner designer and beautify your space! There’s nothing more fun than putting a personal touch on your gorgeous courtyard or covered patio. When it comes to furniture, comfort is key. Whether you go for a dining or sofa set, make sure that your seating is comfy (for prime relaxation, of course). If you love patterns and colors in an open space, opt for an area rug that lets your personality shine.   Matching pillows and small pieces of decor, like a vase, will add pops of life to the space. A big patio umbrella will keep you nice and cool while you lounge during the day, and string lights will keep the good vibes going at night.   Grow Your Garden Container gardening is all the rage, and we’re head over heels in love! Give pops of life and color to your space with your favorite bright fruit or flowers grown in trendy planters like metal and cedar. You’ll love looking at the creations that you grow yourself. The perfect decoration and size for a small space, container gardens are a fun and contemporary way to accessorize your courtyard.   If you love the Corner Patch Gardens in your Cornerstone Homes community, why not create a “mini” version in your own courtyard or patio? From size and shape, to color and pattern, there are so many varieties of containers for your plants that you can choose to make your space as pretty as can be. Make sure to ask Sean the gardener for growing tips at our “Ask the Farmer” events!   Time to Yourself In your comfortable courtyard, you have all the time in the world to relax and unwind. Whenever you want to slow down and take a few moments to yourself, your private space is always available. Sit outside and catch up on your favorite book, do a crossword puzzle, sip on a delicious cup of coffee, make a scrapbook, sew, or work on a new craft, write a poem, or even just sit quietly and enjoy the gorgeous Virginia weather.   The privacy of your outdoor space ensures that it is entirely yours, where you’re free to do whatever you wish. There are so many things to do in your Cornerstone Homes community, and your private courtyard or covered patio will be a great place to think, recharge, and feel incredibly grateful!   Get the Party Started The sun’s shining, cocktails are pouring, and the music’s playing… In a Cornerstone Homes community, your life is a party! What better way to celebrate retirement with all of your friends and neighbors than with an outdoor get-together? Host a courtyard party in your own backyard, head to your neighbor’s, or go courtyard hopping!   In the last few months of summer, take advantage of the season by spending time outside. Play party games with your neighbors, enjoy tasty appetizers, discover a design tip from someone else’s home, meet a new neighbor that just moved in, and sip your favorite drink under the stars.   Rearrange Your Furniture for Yoga Head out to your courtyard and move your furniture to create a wide open space to set down your yoga mat. A calming yoga session is a great way to jump-start your day and unwind in the afternoon. Aside from the many physical health benefits of this practice, yoga also keeps you feeling happy and confident.   If you like to practice yoga with a video tutorial, prop your computer up on an elevated piece of furniture, like a side table. And of course, if you enjoy yoga with friends, moving your furniture will give you enough space to host a group. Namaste 🙏   BBQ With Your Family There’s nothing like a meal shared with family, so why not have everyone over for a classic summer BBQ in your private space? Everyone will love gathering and having a comfortable spot to eat, share memories, and laugh all night long. As the evening turns into night, turn on string lights to set the mood.   Your family will always look forward to coming to your incredible courtyard or covered patio for delicious food and great company. You can even make it a tradition! In the spring, summer, and fall, have seasonal meals that your family will cherish all year long.   In your Cornerstone home and community, time is yours to do whatever you wish! Your home's private outdoor space is designed to enrich your days by giving you a gorgeous retreat to make your own. From designing, to spending time alone doing your favorite hobby, to hosting family and friends, your courtyard or covered patio is your safe haven for all of your dreams and pastimes.   From,

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