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March 31, 2020

Staying Busy in Your Cornerstone Home this Spring

Your home is your sanctuary.  With all its special places and treasures. That little corner and favorite chair where you read is calming. And the moonlight through your bedroom window is magic. Sanctuary, oasis, haven, whatever you like to call it, your Cornerstone home is so much more than a beautiful place — it’s your retreat, your place of calm and tranquility.

This spring season may be different than any you’ve experienced, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best.  It is definitely a time to “pause” and enjoy the little things in life that sometimes we take for granted or are too busy to appreciate.   

Keeping Busy Right at Home and Enjoying Springtime Activities in Our 55+ Communities

Morning Meditation
Ah, there’s nothing like feeling relaxed and at peace first thing in the morning. With a day of indoor fun ahead of you, it’s never a bad idea to start off your morning on the right foot… and in the right mind. This helpful guide teaches you how to clear your mind, count your breaths, and develop a loving attitude.

Enjoy Live Music: Yes, you can now experience the joy of a live concert from the comfort of your couch! Artists around the world are live-streaming their concerts on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, so you can catch all the action (without any of the crowds, annoying lines, and blocked views)! Dance party, anyone?

Woman cooking.

Pantry Dinner: Who says you have to go out and buy ingredients to make a delicious meal? If you already have items like pasta, cereal, beans, rice, bread, and canned tomatoes, there are dozens of dishes you can easily whip up. Plus, rummaging through your cabinets and cooking keeps you active and on your toes!

Virtual Book Club: Who says you can’t be social while “social distancing?” Everyone can get together on video-chatting platforms like FaceTime and Skype! A book club is one of the best ways to stay engaged and entertained. Grab a glass of wine and your favorite hors d'oeuvres while you chat about the latest book. (And it doesn’t stop at book club! Start a movie club or cocktail/cooking class, or just have happy hour with friends!)

Tuesdays At Two: Cornerstone Homes new Facebook Live series, bringing you live updates within your community and around town. Stay up to date from the comfort of your own home! Follow our Facebook here to tune in every Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. and get updates on each week's video topic. 

Break a Sweat: With all the wide open space in your new stylish home, you certainly don’t need a gym to get some exercise. This website offers free workout class videos — and if you’re looking for a specific workout, you can narrow down your search by duration, training type, equipment, etc. Working out has never been more fun!

Couple watching movie.

If you love movies...

10 Things I Hate About You (1999):
A witty, modern-day version of Taming of the Shrew, this sweet and smart high school romcom will make you laugh and cry — as well as pine over Heath Ledger as he serenades his sweetheart in a soccer stadium.

Big Fish (2003): From the imaginative mind of Tim Burton, this film about family love and the power of storytelling will warm your heart with its beautiful plot, fantasy elements, and stunning springtime sets. Just wait until you see the field of daffodils...

A League of Their Own (1992): It’s springtime, which means it’s time to play ball! But is there a place for women in the major leagues? Follow Kit, Dottie, Jimmy Dugan, and a host of lovable characters as they slide their way into history… and home plate. Just remember: “there’s no crying in baseball!” 

Easter Parade (1948): With some of the film industry’s most beloved and timeless stars, including Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, as well as classic music from songwriting legend Irving Berlin, this lovely springtime musical is such a happy, heartwarming treat. 

The Sound of Music (1965): From “Do-Re-Mi” to “So Long, Farewell,” it’s hard not to smile throughout the duration of this all-time musical classic. Whether this is your first viewing or your 10th, there’s no better time to sing and dance along with Maria and the von Trapp children. 

You’ve Got Mail (1998): Join romcom legends Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as they navigate the exciting (and surprisingly romantic) world of AOL. Bookstores, chance meetings, flirty instant messages, and Tom Hanks with his golden retriever. What’s there not to love about this Nora Ephron classic?

A little spring cleaning…why not!

Bubble Fun: 
Did you know that one of your favorite beverages is also one of the best cleaning agents for your refrigerator? After you’ve thrown out food you don’t want, give your appliance a deep clean with a mixture of salt and soda water. The abrasive texture of the salt mixes with the bubbles to scrub grime away.

Dust It Off: 
Even the simplest tasks can make a big impact. Dusting off the surfaces of your home, from your coffee table to your kitchen counters to your window sills, can give your entire home a fresh vibe and feel. With a cloth or store-bought duster, get around places like coffeemaker nooks, picture frames, and vases.

Trash Talk: 
Believe it not, your trash can needs some cleaning love too. Although this might not sound like the most fun chore, you’ll be singing its praises once your trash can is as good as new. Completely empty your kitchen trash can, spray it with a disinfectant, scrub it with a toilet brush, and voila! The smells are long gone.

Charlotte master bedroom.

Bedding Beauty: Without a doubt, there are few things more special in your home than your cozy bed. Refresh this space by switching out thicker winter sheets and pillowcases for light and airy spring ones. Not to mention, a new look — like a light-colored duvet or spring-themed pillows — adds brightness to your room.

Flower Power: 
The most prominent sign of spring, fresh flowers make this time of the year so enjoyable. Whether in your bedroom, guest bathroom, great room, or kitchen, sweet-smelling flowers like lilacs, tulips, and daffodils make your home feel clean, light, and beautiful… and most of all, as happy as can be. 

From all of us at Cornerstone Homes, take a deep breath, pause, and enjoy the simple things in life.  

The Cornerstone Insider.


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