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May 26, 2020

Shopping Locally - Staying Connected to Your Town

We all have changed how we shop these days.   And we are thinking twice about shopping in a crowded large “box” store where everyone is rushing, the produce is shipped in from who knows where, and waiting in lines to check out. Shopping locally has so many advantages for all of us. At the most basic level, it keeps money in your community. You will not only experience fresher food and friendlier, more personalized customer service, but you get to see the same familiar faces each time you visit.  You will also have the satisfaction knowing you are helping your neighbors by creating more jobs in your town.   This goes for shopping locally for services such as automotive repair, hardware stores, gift stores, restaurants and groceries.  

Let’s take a closer look at what you eat and why buying food from a farmer’s market is a smart choice. Produce and other products at a Farmer’s Market, like at Chickahominy Falls Farm Stand for example, comes directly from the farm and was picked within the week! Super fresh compared to store bought. Who knows how long the transportation time was from the farm to the store, what type of pesticides were used, and where it was grown, when you buy at a store.  Food for thought for sure.  (no pun intended!)

No matter if it is your local service business or your local food market, give shopping locally a chance.  Keep your money where your heart is!  We want to strengthen our communities and increase community pride.  It also connects us with others who live and work around us.

Cornerstone Cares.

In an effort to support local business in our Cornerstone communities, we are offering gift cards to the following local restaurants when you visit us from now through the end of May.  

The Cove at Magnolia Lakes

Barley Woods

Woodside Farms at Chickahominy Falls

Join us in building more connected communities that are safer, more resilient and self- reliant.  And, in the process, build lifetime relationships within your community!

Cornerstone Communities are all about connections.  Visit us today to experience life here and meet our happy homeowners. Call 804-215-0766 today to schedule a visit.

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