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October 24, 2023

Meet The Models… And Take A Peek Into Their Busy, Active Lifestyles!

Our models at Spring Creek, The Madisons and Laurel, are lively characters. They are the epitome of everything Cornerstone Homes stands for… warm, friendly, active, and fun. We thought it would be entertaining to take a peek into their lives – in their homes, the community, and around Charlottesville – this weekend! 

On The Agenda This Weekend… The Madisons

At our Spring Creek community, the Madisons are more than neighbors – they are a symphony of love, care, and connection. As you step into their world, you'll find a home where the joys of family, a close-knit community, and leisure intertwine seamlessly. 


7:30pm | Dinner in Downtown Charlottesville. The Whiskey Jar is one of their go-to spots! They love the warm, down-home atmosphere. But they also enjoy trying new restaurants, expanding their palettes to different cuisines - Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Filipino… wherever the mood takes them!  


11:00am | Hiking with the grandkids on the local trails. The Madisons are nature enthusiasts, especially the tranquility of hiking. While they typically find solace and beauty in the great outdoors, this weekend finds them exploring the trails with their grandchildren. Today’s trek: Ragged Mountain. 7 miles of forested trails. Whew!

8:00pm | Post-pizza game night! After personal pizzas on the grill and ice cream sundaes, everyone heads upstairs to the loft for fun and a sleepover. Cards, charades, board games… who’s up for Twister? (Truthfully, Grandpa might be napping in his chair. It was a looong hike!)


10:30am | Breakfast in the cook's kitchen. Gran has all kinds of ingredients for a belly-filling brunch. Fresh fruit & veggies. Bread & bagels. Grandpa has the griddle going. What will it be… Pancakes? French Toast? Omelettes? The Madisons' kitchen is a testament to their love for nurturing and nourishing those around them.

2:00pm | Time to hit the links. After the kids have headed home, The Madisons enjoy a round of golf on the Spring Creek course. On the greens, you'll hear them laughing and sharing tales with their foursome. Back at the clubhouse, they’ll be hanging out with new friends, weaving bonds with others who share their passions.

On The Agenda This Weekend… Laurel 

At Spring Creek, Laurel shines like a gem. She's the life of the poolside gatherings, her laughter and stories infuse energy into every conversation. When family and friends embrace the Laurel experience, they discover a home where every moment is a vibrant celebration of life.


2:30pm | Quality time with friends at the clubhouse. A proud member of several social clubs at the clubhouse, Laurel loves connecting with her neighbors, and reveling in the camaraderie and shared moments. 

2:30pm | Quality time with friends at the clubhouse. A proud member of several social clubs at the clubhouse, Laurel loves connecting with her neighbors, and reveling in the camaraderie and shared moments. 


Noon | Tailgate Time! Laurel's spirit is boundless and her exciting energy captivates all who share in the fun. Especially when she’s tailgating with her UVA alumni kids & their friends at Cavs football games. Nothing beats football weekends and the electric game-day atmosphere. Wahoowa! 

7:00pm | Home cooking & movie night. Laurel's home is a magnet for family, with her adult children often coming home to soak in her warmth and home cooking. After dinner, everyone retreats to the cozy loft upstairs. It is the perfect spot for enjoying movies, while wrapped in fuzzy blankets and snacking on hot buttery popcorn.


1:00pm | Exploring the local vineyards. Laurel is always the guide to new experiences, embracing fresh activities that paint her days with excitement. This weekend, when the sun kisses the vineyards, Laurel leads the way to the local wineries, indulging in the rich flavors in the company of friends. Cheers!


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