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September 13, 2018

20 Ways to Love Your Walk-Out Lower Level

Welcome to your walk-out world of possibilities. Your light-filled second master suite. Your bright and airy art studio. Your wine lovers tasting room. Your big screen theater room. Your college kid summer retreat. Your whatever you want it to be for living, entertaining, creating, and enjoying life to the fullest. 

We’re always told to “look beneath the surface,” and at Cornerstone Homes, we take this literally. A Cornerstone lower level is more than just an extra room — these spaces are beautifully-designed to enhance your lifestyle. Whether you want a movie room, home office, guest suite, or more, your lower level provides a world of possibility.In several floor plans in Barley WoodsChickahominy Falls and The Cove at Magnolia Lakes, you now have the option to add an incredible lower level to your brand new home — a wise investment for its size and quality! Take a look at our favorite 20 ways to enjoy a lower level, and how one of these Cornerstone spaces will make your life brighter every day:  

1. Access to the Outside

Along with large windows that bring in natural light, every lower level has sliding doors that lead to your covered porch. Gone are the days of feeling stuffy and restricted; now you can come and go as you please and enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor living, with access to your fire pit.

2. Movie Room

Movie marathons, homemade popcorn, and comfortable seating? Say no more! Watch your favorite films in style in your very own movie room, where you’re always the director.

3. Wine Storage

If you’re a true wino at heart, keep your collection stored safely in your luxurious lower level. Host wine nights with your friends and pair each bottle with a different hors d’oeuvre.

4. Lower Price Per Square Foot

Our large lower levels are exceptionally-priced, so they lower the average price per square foot of the home. Essentially, you’re getting the most bang for your buck while making your home more valuable.

5. Game Room

If you’ve always dreamed of a game room, complete with things like billiards, pinball, board games and cards, now’s your chance. Have a blast in this space (your kids and grandkids certainly will, too!)

6. Boomerang Kid   

Your kids will come and go, and sometimes when they come back, they’ll stay. If your child decides to move back into your home for some time, a fully-furnished lower level is the perfect space for them to live comfortably.    


7. Guest Suite

You love having family and friends stay over for a visit, so a designated guest suite is a great way to show your hospitality. Let your guests enjoy a beautiful space that’s decorated and ready just for them.              

8. Music Studio


Music-makers, now’s your chance to rock! Keep all of your musical equipment and instruments safely in one space, where you can practice your craft with all of the room that you need.    

9. Grandkids’ Playroom

There’s nothing like having your grandkids over for a visit, so why not have a fun and spacious play area waiting for them? Have a great time playing with their favorite toys and games together.  

10. Repairs are Easier/Utilities are Cheaper

A lower level allows for easier access to pipes, wires, water heaters, and more, which means that repairs are cheaper to complete. Not to mention, since this room is underground, you’ll spend less on heating and cooling utilities due to better insulation.  

11. Dance Room

There’s no better place than a spacious lower level to have your very own dance parties! Install speakers (or even an old-fashioned jukebox or record player), invite your friends over, and have fun.  

12. Personal Office

A private and quiet place to get work done is a great addition to your home. Keep your computer, papers, and a desk and chair in your home office and decorate however makes you most productive.  

13. Home Library

  So many books, so little time! If you’re a bookworm and have an abundance of books in your home, keep them nice and organized in a personal home library. You’ll love wandering downstairs and diving into an incredible book on a comfortable sofa, or hosting book clubs in your private library.  

14. Art/Sewing Studio

Practicing your favorite craft always brightens your day. No matter what kind of art you love the most, from painting to sewing to pottery, your lower level can be your personal studio to hold all of your equipment and finished products.  

15. Workshop/Tool Room

Are you a sucker for completing home repairs or remodeling projects yourself? Turn your lower level into a workshop/tool room! Keep all of your equipment organized and clean for optimal usage.  

16. Exercise Room

Who needs to go to the gym when you could simply walk down the stairs? Whether or not you invest in larger exercise equipment like a treadmill, your lower level is a great space for stretching, lifting weights, and floor exercises. While you'll find fun classes at the fitness center in our clubhouse, you can get fit and have fun right in your own home.  

17. Garden Utility Room

If you’re an avid gardener (and you love our Corner Patch Gardens!) a garden utility room is a great place to hold all of your own tools. Get ready for the upcoming season with your personalized space.      

18. Forever Home


When you have a caretaker or are planning to have one, turning your lower level into a living space is a great way to ensure that they’re easily accessible to you and comfortable at all times. 

19. Collection/Storage Area

Just not ready to let go of all that stuff? If you collect memorabilia and mementos, or simply love to save memorable items from your past, your lower level can keep everything safe and sound. Have your friends over to showcase all of your wonderful items or keep them private for you and your family.

20. Yoga/Meditation Space

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or are just starting out, a yoga/meditation room — complete with all of the calming and happy decor that you love — will be your new favorite spot to relax and unwind.         

There’s nothing like a wide open space to completely customize to your liking. Enhance your daily life and pursue exactly what you love in your very own lower level! Take a look at the floor plans in Barley WoodsChickahominy Falls and The Cove at Magnolia Lakes that let you add this incredible room to your brand new home. 




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