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June 13, 2022

What It Takes to Revitalize a Community

When you think of a new home community, you may think that builders just find an empty piece of land and decide to develop it. But in most situations, especially when you’re building 55+ communities, the location is a big piece of the puzzle. 

In the case of Cornerstone Homes’ newest community, Church Square in Smithfield, Virginia, our owner/principal, Roger Glover, is actually returning to the Hampton Roads area where he started his long career of building exclusively for active adults. 

In addition to being able to see how well his original communities are faring (very well, thank you!), Roger is also excited to be able to contribute his years of experience to revitalizing Church Square, which was started by another developer 10 years ago. It’s not always easy to bring an existing community back to life, but Cornerstone Homes is invested in making Church Square a success. 

Roger spoke with Kirsten Nease in our Tuesdays @ Two video series, about how enthusiastic he is to return to Smithfield and jumpstart Church Square. “I feel like this is something we have a knack for. We’ve done nothing but exclusively build and design communities and homes for the last 25 years for the 55+ buyer. We know what it takes for a community to be successful.” 

Why Revitalize An Existing Community?  

Church Square is just the latest in a series of communities that Roger has taken over after they were abandoned or sold by the original owners. And unlike some of his previous “saves”, Roger feels that Church Square has a great foundation, but the pieces just weren't put together quite right. 

Church Square Smithfield, VA.

He loves that there is already a core group of residents who have a bond with each other and are excited for new people to come into the community. “It’s important to… get feedback and insight from the existing residents about what’s gone well, and what hasn’t gone well. Why do they think things slowed down? What are the issues that we should be aware of?”  

Neighbors at Church Square.

What Does It Take To Revitalize A Community?

In addition to getting the support of the existing residents, Cornerstone had to evaluate the existing property to see what was already there and what needed to be changed to fit Cornerstone’s plans for Church Square. Roger notes that after undergoing a “mini” re-zoning process, the new plans for the second phase have been approved by the county and are ready to get started! 

The amenities already onsite at Church Square (the clubhouse and pool) needed an upgrade after 10 years, but otherwise were in good shape. A few new recreational areas have been added as well. The HOA was in good standing, so Roger anticipates a good relationship with the existing homeowners as Cornerstone brings Church Square up to the standard of the other Cornerstone Communities.    


What’s The Bottom Line?

Church Square is on its way to finally becoming a 55+ community worthy of its prime spot in Smithfield. In addition to being steps from charming, historic Smithfield, residents have easy access to the nearby cities of Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. This part of Virginia offers a great quality of life, from the cost of living to top-flight medical facilities and transportation hubs, to proximity to children & grandchildren who live in the area. 

Cornerstone Homes is excited to be able to revitalize Church Square, making it THE place to live for retirees in the Smithfield area! If you’re interested in learning more about Church Square, contact us to schedule a visit.  

The Cornerstone Insider.


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