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November 12, 2019

The Home Place – The Legacy of Barley Woods

The smell of wild blueberries bubbling over the edges of a freshly baked pie.

The sound of children laughing as they chase fellow hide-and-seekers.

The feeling of belonging and a sense of connectedness.

This is the legacy of Barley Woods.

Ruby Barley raised her four children on the 32 acres upon which Barley Woods, The Villas of Fredericksburg, is now growing up. She called it their "home place", their place of beauty, comfort, and tranquility.

Signed Groundbreaking Shovel for our Honored Guest

It was their Sherwood Forest, where all of the neighborhood kids gathered, and where lifelong friendships were forged over games of “army” and outdoor adventure.

It was where the Barley kids learned the value of hard work gathering wild blueberries to sell to the neighbors, especially the women down the street who ran a boarding house for local workingmen and baked the most delicious pies.

It was where Ruby Barley lived her entire adult life and taught her children “to listen quietly with their eyes and ears and hearts.”

This is the legacy of Barley Woods, entrusted to us to create a new neighborhood in this spirit. A place for people to live, laugh, and grow. To create special memories and lifelong friendships. To feel a sense of belonging and connectedness.

The Home Place lives on.

Roger Glover & Ruby Barley

Roger Glover, Owner of Cornerstone Homes,  met Ms. Ruby years ago when purchasing her property. They have remained friends and share a special bond. Homeowner’s love talking with Ms. Ruby at special events at Barley Woods. She is very famous here and popular! We make sure Ms. Ruby stays connected with the Cornerstone staff and the community and joins us at our groundbreaking,  grand openings, open houses and other events.  It was and continues to be important to Ms. Ruby that her “homeplace”  be filled with people making friendships and memories and enjoying this special piece of land.   After all, life is all about relationships, right?   This is a special place, just like Ms. Ruby,  the Home Place lives on! We are very honored to have her continue to be part of the Legacy of Barley Woods.  Come visit and you will see why.  

The Cornerstone Insider.

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