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July 5, 2021

The Best Apps for Living a Healthy & Active Life

There is no doubt that today’s technology has redefined how we live our daily lives. It’s never been easier to get around, connect with friends and family, and do our routine tasks in record time. The possibilities for convenience in a Cornerstone Homes community are endless, and they’re just getting started! 

See your grandchildren from a hundred miles away on FaceTime, order a new piece of furniture with the click of a button, ask Alexa to turn off your lights, and the list goes on... Take a look at our favorite apps, tips, and products to take advantage of the beauty and ease of modern tech: 


Tech Tip #1: Kindle

If you live and breathe books, the Kindle will change your life! No matter where you are, whether traveling on a plane or lying in bed, the Kindle lets you download an unlimited amount of novels, so you’ll never miss a page of something extraordinary. Extra light lets you read in the dark, and you can even increase the font size! Gone are the days of carrying heavy books around. 

Tech Tip #2: Yelp

Every Cornerstone Homes community is surrounded by a town with delicious restaurant options, but any opinion makes the choice for dinner so much easier. The closest thing to word-of-mouth, Yelp is a website filled with real reviews from patrons, along with photos, ratings, hours and info, and much more. 

Map my walk app.

Tech Tip #3: Map My Walk 

A leisurely walk along one of our scenic trails is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and get some exercise in. When it comes to health data, clear your mind and don’t think about your steps — this app will do all the work! Map My Walk tracks your time, distance, speed, and calories burned.  

Tech Tip #4: WhatsApp 

Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends… WhatsApp understands that you want to stay connected to everyone. This intuitive messaging system lets you make group chats with up to 25 people! Best of all, it can be used internationally wherever there’s WiFi, so you can stay in touch while traveling. 

Tech Tip #5: Facebook 

Once used solely by college kids, Facebook is now the world’s largest circle of friends. Once you’ve created an account, add your high school, college, previous workplaces, etc. to connect with people from your past, as well as watch all of your grandkids’ adventures. You can send messages to others, view photos, and write updates about your life.  Pro Tip– Like Cornerstone Homes on Facebook to stay up to date on community happenings, available homes, and in the loop on everything healthy and active living! 

Uber app.

Tech Tip #6: Uber and Lyft 

Today, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with a few simple taps on your phone. Uber and Lyft are apps that pair you with skilled drivers to take you to your destination. Keep these apps handy for when you’re not able to drive (or hey, when you just don’t feel like it!) 

Tech Tip #7: Pill Reminder by Medisafe 

Remembering to take your medication never has to be stressful again. This phone app will remind you to take your meds, and setting everything up couldn’t be easier. You can also check medication interactions, browse your daily med overview, and much more.  

Pro Tip — Emergency Call on iPhone

In certain situations, you want help fast. Fortunately, your iPhone is designed to make emergency calls as quickly and easily as can be. When your phone is locked, simply press the home button once and tap “Emergency” at the bottom left corner. 

Pro Tip — Notes App

From social apps to email, it can be hard to keep track of all of your passwords — but writing them down ensures that you’ll never get locked out of an account. Along with a physical entry on paper, keep your passwords stored in the “Notes” section on your iPhone for easy access.   

When you live in a Cornerstone Homes community, life is all about luxury, leisure, and enjoying the little things. Modern technology, whether an app on your iPhone or a convenient product, makes every task even easier, so all your time and energy is spent doing what you love. And what do our homeowners love? Meeting neighbors at the clubhouse, going to social events, playing cards, having pot lucks, sitting by the pool, exercising in the fitness center, walking the trails, walking the neighborhood sidewalks and stopping to chat, picking fresh veggies out of the community garden, and the list goes on!!   

Embracing today’s tech means freeing up your days to truly enjoy your hard-earned retirement. Who would want to miss a moment of the fun that awaits here? We can’t wait to see what adventures you get into in a Cornerstone Homes community! For more information on our available homes and communities please contact us at 804-215-0766.

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