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November 29, 2018

Tech Tips 101: Smart and Easy Living in Your Cornerstone Home

Today, technology makes it easier than ever to simplify your life and maintain your independence. From turning on lights, music, heat, and more with the flick of a switch, to controlling your security system while you’re miles away on vacation, many features let you live in the moment without worrying about the safety and function of your home.  There are a lot of “smart” choices available to make your home smart and give you peace of mind. In fact, there are so many choices that it can be a bit mind-boggling... That’s why Cornerstone Homes is going to simplify everything so you can decide what you want for yourself in your new home! These modern conveniences start with having a well-networked home, called “structured wiring.” Structured wiring is the backbone of your home’s communication and entertainment systems. Commonly called the “fourth utility,” it’s no longer an option — it’s a necessity! For instance, structured wiring and smart home technology can allow you to:   Play music in one room or throughout the house. You can dance in any room - or every room!- with this feature.   Network all the computers in the house. Share files, software, and hardware such as printers and scanners.   Feel more secure than ever before. Install systems that let you check in on your home with 24-hour monitoring and control lighting settings off-site. Give your children access to these systems if you feel secure with them checking in on you. In addition, devices today allow you to lock, unlock, and see who is at the door, all from your smartphone or device.   Make your home more comfortable. You can dim the lights before bed or turn them on before you return home at night. Adjust your home's temperature directly from your smartphone so that you come home to a space that's as cozy or cool as you need it to be. You can even adjust these settings from the comfort of your couch, because who wants to get up from under the blanket to turn up the thermometer?   Make your least favorite chores easier than ever. A Central Vacuum System allows you to clean your home conveniently, without having to drag a heavy unit around the house. This system creates cleaner and healthier air, while increasing your home’s value.   Enjoy a seamless entertainment experience. Stream a movie or run a Blu-Ray on one player and watch it on any TV in the house.     And there’s so much more! From security systems and a central vacuum system, to devices like the Amazon Alexa and NEST thermostat that lets you adjust the thermostat while you’re out to save energy in your home - all from one convenient place. Technology today takes home automation to new heights. Talk to your Cornerstone Homes sales manager to determine which comfort, convenience, and safety systems work best for your lifestyle in your new home.     Whether you value quick and easy home security or an unbelievable home entertainment experience, the features you choose for your home will prove to be the “smartest” choices you’ve ever made… We can’t wait to see how wise your home becomes!   From,

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