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January 9, 2020

Smart and Easy Living Features in Your Cornerstone Home

Better living today and in the future.  

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe that life is full of surprises.  As you venture into this next wonderful phase of life in your new home ….rest assured that Cornerstone homes are created to work for all people, no matter what life throws at you. We understand that you want a home that simplifies everyday living, accommodates life changes, and frees you to spend more time doing what you love.  

We create spaces that accommodate all of the life cycle changes people experience.  That includes more than just aging. For example, a person who breaks a leg skiing might find it impossible to use his/her bathroom.  Unlike traditional homes, a Cornerstone home is friendly and convenient for everyone – from grandchildren to grandparents.  Let’s talk about some of our surprising comfort features that are user friendly.

Single Level Living:  All of your everyday needs on one floor. Higher ceilings and open floor plans for easier living, easier to heat and cool, easy transition to outdoor living areas and best of all,  no more running up and down stairs! And let’s face it, single level homes are easier to clean!

Living room.

Natural & Supplemental Lighting:  Large windows for natural lighting  and included lighting is a boon for your eyes.  It will also make the colors in your new granite countertops really pop!  We’ve even added extra socket night lights in the kitchen and owners bath for your nighttime visibility and safety.

Accessible & Wide:  Convenient wider hallways and doorways make it easier to carry luggage to the bedroom and getting in and out is always a breeze.

Zero Threshold Owner’s Entry:  Everyone wins with a zero clearance entry, even with an armful of groceries.  No step barriers from your garage to your home.  

Lever Door handles: Simply easier to open and close.  And much more stylish!   No worries about having to grip the knob.  

Structural support for grab bars:  We all need a little support from time to time.  Grab bar support provides a secure hold to steady oneself in the shower or prevent a fall. 


Comfort Height Convenience:   Taller bath countertops prevent you from having to hunch over as you are washing up.   

Comfort Height Toilets: Taller seats makes sitting and standing much easier.   It also reduces strain on your back and knees.

Our impressive homes are full of features to make living better today and in the future.  No other builder in Greater Richmond spends more time, energy, and resources envisioning new ways to help 55+ homeowners live better, healthier and more engaged lives.  For over 25 years Cornerstone has focused exclusively on Active Adults.   So now it’s your time to focus on living life to its fullest, in a new comfortable, convenient and safe home.   

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