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April 11, 2017

Outdoor Living is Good for the Soul

There’s no doubt that spending time with mother nature is beyond beneficial. Most studies show that time spent outdoors improves physical, mental and social wellbeing. At any Cornerstone Homes community in Virginia, it’s not hard to find reasons to get outside! If you strive to live a longer, happier, and healthier life, now is the time to embrace your inner Davey Crockett and the great outdoors at one of our communities!   At Cornerstone Homes, we’ve long understood the importance of nature and access to it. All of our communities provide plenty of opportunity to access the outdoors – pools, walking trails, lakes, or gardens. Homeowners at Cornerstone Homes enjoy plenty of benefits from time spent outside!  
  • Physical benefits. Activities such as gardening, walking, or swimming are good for joint flexibility and strengthening muscles and your cardiovascular system. Doing these activities outdoors can lower inflammation levels associated with hypertension, autoimmune diseases and depression. Forget city living! If you want to feel better and improve your health, move to a place with tons of green space (like one of our communities!)
  • Mental benefits. Physical activity that takes place in a natural setting improves the memory, increases cognitive function, and has a restorative effect overall. 30 minutes or more of gardening in one of our gardens, or even just sitting in the sun at the clubhouse and soaking up some Vitamin D can have a significant effect on moods, stress levels, and mental health. If being happy and smart is as easy as a few moments in the sun, just hand us a bottle of sunscreen and meet us outside.
  • Social benefits. Spending time with good friends is always a great mood booster, but doing so outside comes with a slew of additional benefits! It creates a sense of community, and is the perfect remedy for those days when you may be feeling a little lonely. A group stroll, a card game by the pool, and an afternoon spent in the garden are great for exercising the mind and body, and are easy to find at a Cornerstone Homes community! As they say, the good things in life are better together!
  Residents of Cornerstone Homes’ communities enjoy all of these advantages, plus so many others. We are truly dedicated to creating a happier, healthier way of life for every member of our community.   ###

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