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September 24, 2018

Lock and Leave Your Cornerstone Home

Lock and Leave. Sounds attractive, doesn't it? Imagine jetting off for a month and knowing that your home is maintained, safe, and secure while you’re gone. Experiencing the beauty of the outside world is that much better when you can leave your home without a worry. At Cornerstone Homes in Virginia, we believe that if you want to pack up and explore a vibrant city, a foreign land, or even your own town, nothing at all should stand in your way of living luxuriously, both inside and outside of your home…Cornerstone Homes travel  



No more ladders! Keeping up with exterior maintenance of a home can be exhausting and risky. No-maintenance living means no grass to cut, no weeds to pull, no gutters to clean and more. Let's face it, at this stage of life, we don't need to be up on a ladder. While you are at home and when you are gone, we take care of it all. The days of coming back to an overgrown yard are long gone. So sit back, relax, and plan a trip. Whether you travel far and wide, or explore our great state of Virginia (have you read our blog about the best places to visit in VA?), your home will be in tip-top shape when you return.  

Smaller and Safer 

Cornerstone Homes The villas at Ashlake Safe Community Lock and LeaveOur communities are small, friendly, boutique places where neighbors look after each other and each others’ homes. This camaraderie and care ensure that our well-lit neighborhoods are always kept as safe and secure as can be. How sweet it is to know that your neighbors have your back!   

Say Hello to Freedom!

Cornerstone Homes Lock and Leave   

Now that your schedule is an open book, you have the freedom to do whatever you wish. Whether you want to travel to a dream destination, enjoy leisure time with long-distance family or friends, or focus on volunteer work with a local charity or church, you can venture out and explore the world you’ve always wanted to see. Infinite, incredible, one-of-a-kind possibilities await... You can enjoy peace of mind because your Cornerstone home will be kept safe and sound. With the ability to Lock and Leave, you have nothing inhibiting you from living your best life, all on your own time. We can’t wait to hear about the places you go! 


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