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May 9, 2022

Life After Move-In Day: The FUN Begins!

Your furniture’s in place, your belongings are put away, and your champagne glasses are ready to be clinked — you’re all settled into your brand new Cornerstone home, and now the best things in life are headed your way! From themed happy hours with neighbors to fun clubs, events, and everything in between, you can expect a daily schedule full of things you love to do. 

At this point in your life, you’re tired of obligations like home repairs, inconveniences like stairs and narrow doorways, and not being able to meet new people and try new things. In your universally designed Cornerstone home, these “pain points” in your life are long gone… We’ve designed our homes and communities to bring the spark back into your days, so you wake up every single morning with the world at your feet.

“We love the focus here at Chickahominy Falls around the farm and healthy living, the spirit of community that thrives here and the easy access from here to Richmond and beyond." – Karan Unger, Chickahominy Falls 

Farmhouse at Chickahominy Falls.

In every Cornerstone home and community, you’ll find so many exciting and easy ways to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you love to take classes with a trainer in a private fitness center or simply head out for daily walks on a beautiful trail, the possibilities to feel great here are endless. Not to mention, our Woodside Farms at Chickahominy Falls is always blooming with inspiration for delicious, healthy meals and is the perfect place to get your hands dirty with farming! 

Or take a dip in the pool at the brand new Farmhouse amenity center at Chickahominy Falls and at the newly renovated clubhouse at Church Square. Enjoy summer days with neighbors and friends hanging out on the activity lawn playing corn hole or summer nights toasting marshmallows and drinks by the fire pits. 

"The progress we're seeing with Cornerstone's new homes is amazing. All your personnel out there have also been wonderful. Love Kirsten's Tuesdays at Two videos and how much work you put into our Clubhouse." – Ginny, Church Square 

Church Square Clubhouse.

“Living here is like being part of a large, extended family...every trip to the mailbox is a family reunion. In our previous homes, we were lucky if we got to know one or two neighbors. Here, there's a friendly, familiar face behind every front door.” – Jeff Hulewicz, Chickahominy Falls 

When your community is an extension of your home, you always know you belong wherever you go. Want to enjoy a meal in the clubhouse? There’s certainly a friendly face waiting for good conversation and great company. Want to host an end-of-summer get-together? Your neighbors can’t wait to bring over their favorite dishes and hang out in your private courtyard. Here, neighbors aren’t just friends — they’re family.

Residents at an event.

“We were drawn to the active and healthy lifestyle of Chickahominy Falls as well as its great location, but the best part was moving into a truly wonderful neighborhood that is turning into a supportive group of friends we can share this next chapter of our lives with.” – Lynne Fricks, chickahominy Falls 

One of the best parts about this exciting time in your life is that everyone around you in your Cornerstone community loves to live the way that you do. From endless social events to a comfortable home with timely and lasting features, your neighbors are on the same page as you when it comes to better living. 

Are you ready to take your all-time dream vacation, but need travel tips and recommendations? Just ask a friend next door where they’ve been recently and what they’ve loved the most. Once you are off to your destination, not only will your home’s exterior maintenance be taken care off, your neighbors will also keep an eye out; not because they have to, but because they want to.

Everyone at Cornerstone Homes can’t wait for you to experience all of the fun here! For more information on our low maintenance new homes in Virginia and our active adult communities, contact us today. 

The Cornerstone Insider.


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