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March 30, 2020

Get your 10,000 Steps!

Lace up your sneakers, slip on your sunglasses, and leave your jacket behind… the sunshine is knocking at your door, so come outside and walk your worries away!  According to today’s current situation, people may leave their homes “to engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with social distancing requirements, such as, walking, hiking, or running.”  So, as long as you remain six feet away from other people (not counting those in your household), you can exercise outside. Great News!  

Thank goodness the warm weather has arrived in beautiful Virginia, and nothing’s better for your mind, body, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle than a relaxing (or vigorous) springtime walk in your community or along one of Virginia’s scenic trails. While your beautiful, spacious home is perfectly designed for an extended time of relaxation, our neighborhoods are also perfectly designed for you to take a break and step outside to enjoy the fresh spring air that’s just waiting for you beyond your door! 


Why Walk?  Considering how much fun walking can be, the physical and mental health benefits are almost hard to believe. Of course, walking burns calories, which can help you maintain a healthy weight, but this activity also strengthens your heart, increases creative thinking, lowers blood sugar, eases joint pain, boosts your immune system, and elevates your happiness, among so many other things. During a time where things seem to be stressful and uncertain, it’s important that your mind and body feel great, and that this greatness extends to every part of your life, and makes your days even more extraordinary than before. 

Where to Walk?  Cornerstone Homes makes sure walking is easy for you. You will find designated walking trails by lakes, through wooded areas and through neighborhood sections, as well as tree lined, lighted sidewalks for every homeowner to enjoy. Scenic and accessible, these spots are always just a few steps away from your home. Why not start off your morning with a refreshing walk and watch the sun rise? There’s nothing better than coming home feeling energized and ready to take on the day.   And, of course, if you’re ever feeling adventurous, all of our communities in VA have incredible hiking spots for you to explore solo or with a friend!

How to Get Started? It’s great to live among your peers. If you love walking with a group and want to meet new people, go ahead and start a walking club if there isn’t already one established! There are so many neighbors who share similar interests and passions, and would love to join you in your quest to get exercise and have fun while doing it.  At Cornerstone Homes, you have every chance to start the newest club in your community, and feel empowered to lead.  For now, remember to keep that 6 foot social distance while walking!

Couple hiking.

One more thing….. Should I take my shoes off before going in the house?  “This is a good rule of thumb,” says Saskia Popescu, a senior infection-prevention epidemiologist at HonorHealth in Arizona.  No one knows if the coronavirus sticks to shoes, she says, “but they carry a lot of gunk in general, so leave them at the door.”

Open your door, step outside, and take a deep breath!  Whether you want to walk slowly and unwind in the afternoon or start a morning walking club, enjoy what nature has to offer.  Everyone at Cornerstone Homes wants you to build your best life ever, step by step.  Happy Walking!

The Cornerstone Insider.


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