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March 28, 2022

Cornerstone Homes Wins Top Workplaces Award for 2022

When you work hard to create a workplace where employees feel engaged, appreciated, and fulfilled, the ultimate satisfaction is that they actually feel that way, and that reflects in the work they do and the interactions they have with customers. So to win an award for cultivating such a workplace culture is like extra icing on the cake - we didn’t need it but it’s oh so sweet! We are beyond excited to have received the Richmond-Times Dispatch's Greater Richmond Area Top Workplaces - 2022 Award!

This year's award was given to only 87 businesses in the Richmond metro area based solely on employee feedback. We're so humbled by all the thoughtful and inspiring words said about our company, and the people who submitted them, because we truly couldn't do anything we do without our incredible team. In fact, everyone who works here embraces the Cornerstone Cares philosophy, which means we value our relationships with  prospects, buyers,  homeowners, trade partners, and each other.  We're all connected by one Cornerstone, and when it comes down to it, we're all people with a common heart and a common goal. 

Here’s how Cornerstone cares...

Cornerstone team.

You're Family to Us

From the moment you walk through the door, you are already considered part of the family.  And we will do anything to see you smile!  As an exclusive 55+ homebuilder in Richmond, we put your lifestyle first.  We want you to feel informed and certain of the new home process, so we share our wealth of knowledge every chance we get. From educational blog posts to creatively curated events, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision. To ensure your safety and comfort, we've also changed the way you can tour the homes, connect with your sales team, and sign paperwork. It can all be done 100% virtually, and it's not going away any time soon. Whatever it takes to help you enjoy the process is what we'll do! 


Dedication That Goes On and On

We can't wait to bring out your happy face! Knowing you made the right decision to move forward with your future is one of the best feelings in life.  And you did it all with the support of a company that carefully considers all your needs throughout the home buying process on a clear and thoughtful path to ownership.  Communication is the key to putting your needs first and keeping your construction timeline ahead of schedule, every step of the way from pre-construction all the way to post-closing.  With weekly meetings with the sales and construction team, you are never left behind. Our Concierge Program continues that stream of communication by connecting you with professionals who will help with every aspect of selling your current home and preparing for your big move.  And with a Senior Move Manager to help you rightsize the right way, and our on-site Interior Designer who will help you design your dream to real life, we're here for you.  At Cornerstone Homes, we place a comma where most builders place a period, and our devotion to our buyers goes on and on.


Homeownership with a Smile

Once you get the keys to your new home, from that point on you are considered family, and we'll treat you as such! We plan events and get-togethers for our homeowners regularly to keep you happily connected to your Cornerstone community. Whether it's Homeowner Happy Hours, weekly coffee meet-ups, or our favorite — food truck socials — there's always a reason to leave the house with a smile.

A Wink And a Nod To Work Life Balance

We believe in giving a wink and a nod to work life balance.  Because our well-balanced employees are the reason we do our best work.  They are productive.  They are positive and inspired.  And they believe in our greater good.  Which is why we don't stop that momentum of goodness.  Instead we encourage our employees to reap the benefits of what we do and what we believe in.  We build team building into our schedules, we trade in spreadsheets for shovels and dirt therapy on our Woodside Farms workshare.  Which just goes to show that work and life go hand in hand, just like a wink and a smile.

At Cornerstone Homes, everything we do, plan, and build is to create a one-of-kind community that everyone feels part of — that includes you, our partners, and our employees. Just as we were honored to be recognized with this award in 2021, we are equally honored to accept the Top Workplaces award in 2022. It’s just one thing of many that motivates us to keep doing what we've always done — that’s everything we can to put a smile on your face!

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