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April 6, 2023

Cornerstone Concierge Program Makes Rightsizing Easy

Are you ready for the good life at a Cornerstone Homes community but have a house to sell? How many of you have lived in your home for over 10 to 15 years? More than likely when you bought your current home,  you did not have to think about staging, pictures on the internet, or multiple financing options, and maybe you had not accumulated a lot of “stuff” at that time.  The word  “rightsizing” didn’t even exist! Well, times have changed but no problem.  We have you covered!

The Cornerstone Concierge Program

Our Cornerstone Concierge Program is designed to make the transition to your new lifestyle in a Cornerstone Home Community EASY. Our program is a comprehensive program to assist you with selling your current home, preparing your home for sale, organizing your move, and securing financing.  We understand making a move at any age is difficult.  With the help of our Concierge team members, we can make your move simple, stress-free, organized, AND even save you money!

Since 2008 Cornerstone Homes has helped over 100 home buyers make the move. As a Builder who focuses solely on building homes and communities for active adults, we feel we have a unique understanding of what truly matters to our buyers.  Here is what one of our homeowners had to say about their experience with the Concierge Program:

“I don’t know what I would have done without the Cornerstone Homes team of experts. It was so reassuring to know that someone was there to guide me through my move. The Concierge team of professionals is top notch.” - Beth K., a homeowner at Villas at Magnolia Lakes

Take a look at the many benefits of this program and how it will simplify your move to this exciting new phase of your life:

Prepare Your Home for Sale

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

Rest Easy! Today, staging is very important.  Our preferred Stagers will work with you to prepare your home for sale and maximize its sales price.  They will depersonalize your home, declutter, and create great photos for your listing, which will help your listing appeal to more buyers, sell for more money, and sell faster.

De-Clutter Your Life

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

This is the emotional part. Letting go of some of your “stuff.” But it can also be a fun time to connect and share memories as you pass on your treasures to your kids, grandkids, or special friends. Enjoy door-to-door peace of mind as our Senior Move Manager will assist you with your transition. From helping you assess your household belongings to determining what to bring, what to sell, what to donate, what to repurpose, and what to keep in the family.  Our Senior Move Manager can tailor this move to suit your needs and make it the best way to “rightsize” for your new home. 


Sell Your Home & Save Money

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

Save Money! Work with our preferred realtors and save 2% on your broker commission. Our handpicked Preferred Realtors have years of experience working with active adults. They work closely with other Concierge team members to make your experience smooth and easy. 

Secure Your Financing

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

Find the best possible option that is right for you.  And there are more options out there today than there used to be.  Our team of expert preferred lenders will find the right choice for you and guide you through the process with less paperwork,  shorter closing times, and money-saving discounts. 

Organize Your Move

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

Our Senior Move Manager will coordinate your move, from packing to unpacking. We can even help with furniture placement to final clean up to get you all settled in.

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe that rightsizing is a memorable milestone, and every step of the process should be just as enjoyable as your new life here will be. We take care of the details before you move in, so the “after” is all you’ve ever dreamed of and there’s no reason to wait, make the move today to a Cornerstone Homes community in Virginia today!

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