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December 22, 2011

Stage Your Home - It WILL Sell!!!

Today's buyers want to move right in without having to do a lot of work-- they want a "turnkey" home! Buyers are busy and will pay a premium for a home that is in prime condition. Staging will make a difference between your home selling or not, the time it takes and the price you get for your home. Today, you may not get what you feel you should for your home. In addition to this, it is difficult to think about having to invest fix-up costs and time to prepare your home for sale. However, keep your goal in mind.... which is to sell your house in a difficult market and move on with your life.... to a new and exciting lifestyle and new home! We've seen example after example of folks that did not stage, left their home cluttered with personal collections, pictures and lots of wonderful furniture that had been accumulated over a lifetime. While these things make your house your home, through a buyer's eye, it is difficult to imagine living in your home when they may focus on your treasures instead of focusing on your house. Plus, less personal property usually gives homes a more spacious feel. Buyers want the most for their money, and bigger is usually better. Decluttering is something most sellers need to do. After removing items, fresh paint and a fresh look, we have seen many of these homes sell right away. Yours will too!! In short, to close the deal, your home should be spotless and inviting. Follow these simple tips and your home will sell, probably faster and for more profit than you think. You will be one step closer to a carefree lifestyle you deserve.

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