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September 15, 2014

Organizing Your Garage - Ideas, Tips & More!

Downsizing and decluttering your home may seem like a project, but by using your garage as storage you'll find even more living space can be available to you.  There are even options to use your garage for storage space while still housing your vehicle(s).  Many Cornerstone Home models include a garage, so here are some ideas when organizing your extra space.   Install Cabinets in Your Garage Cabinets aren't just for your kitchen and bathroom. Garage cabinets keep tools, cleaning supplies, and off-season items organized and out of sight. Create zones by grouping items by category, project, or activity, and designate a specific cabinet or cabinet shelf to store them. This will help maintain order in your garage and ensure that everything has a permanent home. Organize frequently used items in cabinets and drawers that are easiest to reach. Take special care to store items such as cleaning supplies, paints, and motor oil in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets. Tip: Storage labels are a foolproof way to sort, date, and locate items in your garage. These chalkboard garage storage cabinets make it easy to label and re-label contents.   Keep Items in Sight Reclaim garage space by organizing items in plain sight. Small open-storage units are ideal for organizing often-used items such as sports equipment and kids' toys. Varying sizes of open containers let you tailor storage to your garage and your belongings.   Save Space with Hanging Storage If you lack floor space, look to your garage's walls and ceiling to store more. Adjustable shelves give you the flexibility to organize in a way that's efficient for your family's evolving storage needs. Transparent rubber tubs stack neatly on shelves to maximize storage space and make supplies easy to spot. Rubber tubs are also an economical way to organize clutter, especially if your garage tends to get damp. Consider hanging your belongings on hooks if you want them out of the way but easy to access. Hooks are an excellent solution for tools with long handles and large seasonal items such as bikes, lawn chairs, and sleds. A pegboard is an easy, inexpensive garage storage solution for organizing small tools in one convenient location. Install a pegboard above a table or potting bench to transform a small space into a simple garage workstation.   Enlist Mobile Helpers Rolling carts, cabinets, and bins are easy to maneuver through the garage. Store lawn, garden, trash, and recycling bins near the garage door so they can easily move to the curb for collection or into the yard for outdoor projects. Tailor Your Needs While many garages have common storage needs, garage storage isn't one-size-fits-all. Customize your garage with a storage system to suit your budget, lifestyle, and stuff. Units that offer both open and closed storage are excellent for the garage. Reserve prime, easy-access space for most-used items, and stow seasonal and seldom-used items on high shelves or overhead.   Get more home improvement projects and ideas from Better Homes and Gardens here.  

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