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June 14, 2011

8 Steps to Successful Retirement!

Retirement minus 20:  Ah, you have so much time! Retirement prep in this stage is financial - start saving aggressively.  Seek professional financial help if you can! Retirement minus 10:  With 10 years to go, your assests are building up and you have allocated them wisely.  Meet with your financial advisor to discuss your retirement savings vs. your imagined retirement lifestyle.  What is your target number?  Check out possible retirement regions, towns & lifestyles.  This will help you with the next important step. Retirement minus 5:   The happiest retirees are the ones who planned for it.  Now it's time to get serious! What are your priorities?  Consider climate, region, environment (beach, mountains, etc), Lifestyle (golf, boating, etc), economics, proximity to friends/relatives, full or part time residence.   Keep saving. Retirement minus 4:   In addition to above, this year start exploring, "what am I going to do in retirement." Retirement minus 3:  Continue with all the above.  This may be good time to take a vacation in area you might be considering for retirement.  At minimum try visiting a few neighboring towns or communities. Retirement minus 2:   Start the downsizing (or "rightsizing")  process!  Your big home is going to cost you a lot of unnecessary money, so you might think about moving to a new home that's easier to t ake care of and costs you less in energy and taxes.  That applies especially if you have decided to stay in the area where you now live. Retirement minus 1:    Check out  active adult communities.  Good places in desireable communities fill up fast, so don't wait until the day you retire to make a reservation.  Make a last check on your finances and priorities and get ready for retirement. Blastoff!   Enjoy your retirement. (excerpt from

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