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October 16, 2013

4 Quick & Easy Home Decorating Ideas

From recycling leftover fabrics and materials to accenting rooms with furniture, these easy home decorating tips can quickly add some flair to a room. The following tips come from HouseBeautiful online: 1. Move Seating Away from Walls "Float furniture away from the walls: It creates more intimate seating," designer Betsy Burnham says. She did just that in the living room of this California house. 2. Wallpaper Your Vinyl Window Shades "I had a roll of wallpaper in my office that was left over, and I was about to put it in the trash when I thought, 'No, I can do something with this'." "Then I thought of the vinyl shades in our guest room. So I wallpapered them. You gotta go for it." The canopy bed was painted black to show off its silhouette. 3. Cover a Wall with Plates Whether you have an impressive plate collection already, or have recently started collecting, these can make great accents for any wall.  A great place to start are plates pictured above called, "Hackerware" which can be purchased on eBay or may be found in thrift stores.  Hackerware may be the best place to start for a DIY project because it is cheaper than most decorative plates.  Covering the whole wall with plates has the same effect as one big piece of art. 4.  Curtains...not just for windows In the kitchen, install a linen curtain on a track spanning the room that can be pulled to conceal the mess of preparation. On most Cornerstone home models, you can even expand the view with your personal exterior courtyard. -- Have any of your own ideas?  We'd love to see them!  Email them to Dotti at

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