Celebrate Thanksgiving In and Around Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Every fall, a special time comes around to celebrate and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life, from family and exciting beginnings to and old friends and new — and of course, delicious food. As the birthplace of America’s traditional Thanksgiving feast, there’s no better state than Virginia to enjoy what this holiday means to you.


One of the best parts of living in Cornerstone Homes community is that there are so many unique opportunities right outside your door! Grab your keys and coat, and venture into town to explore the festivities and feel grateful for the beauty of the season. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make Thanksgiving incredible in and around Richmond and Fredericksburg:


Berkeley Plantation

Berkeley Plantation Thanksgiving in Richmond

Berkeley Plantation

 Experience the history of colonial America like never before at this stunning, sprawling estate, where the beauty of the 18th century is waiting for you in all of its glory. Transport yourself back in time with a guided tour of the spectacular grounds, where you can explore the former home of President William Henry Harrison that’s furnished with gorgeous antiques and artifacts. Perfect for all ages, Berkeley Plantation is the perfect fall excursion!




Just an hour away and close to all Cornerstone Homes communities, our state’s rich colonial history is preserved on gorgeous grounds that welcome visitors from all over. Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown educate visitors about America’s beginnings in Virginia, all the way up to the Revolution, with stunning exhibits, replicas, tours, and so much more. If you’re a history buff or simply love the magnificence of Virginia, pay a visit for some authentic hometown pride.


Dog Trottingdog trotting virginia fall thanksgiving


Everything’s more fun with your best friend by your side… If you love exploring town with your furriest companion, there’s no better time than fall to dog trot! In Virginia, many scenic and dog-friendly outdoor spots like Taylor Park in Ashland, Ingleside Vineyards in Oak Grove, and stunning George Washington’s Mount Vernon are perfect to explore — and burn some calories to make room for stuffing! Your dog will love taking on the town with his or her favorite human.


Downtown-FredericksburgFun in Fredericksburg


A charming and welcoming town like no other, Fredericksburg is always waiting with open arms to celebrate the coziest holiday of all. Head to Fredericksburg’s historic downtown to indulge in shopping, dining, and cultural attractions with your friends and family. Enjoy wineries, distilleries, antique shops, art galleries, and many other sites to see close by! Whichever way you turn, you’re bound to discover something new.

There’s so much to see and do! Jump right into the cultural fun at Rising Sun Tavern Museum on November 24-25 for an intriguing candlelight tour celebrating the life of John Frazer and his “afterlife pranks.” You can also check out the family-friendly and fun 32nd Gingerbread House Contest & Exhibit at Ferry Farm, as well as the educational events at the James Monroe Museum.




Black Friday Shoppingblack friday shopping open sign


Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without Black Friday shopping… This year, shop local! It’s more convenient and less stressful, and allows you to explore what makes your town so great. Right near The Cove at Magnolia Lakes is the village of Chester, near Chickahominy Falls you’ll find the historic town of Ashland, close to the Villas at Ashlake you have the chance to explore Chesterfield, and right around Barley Woods is the incredible downtown Fredericksburg. There are so many fun purchases to be made!




If you’ve experienced many memorable Thanksgiving holidays, and have lifelong memories that you’ll always cherish, you might be wondering how you can bring this magic to those less fortunate this year. Luckily, Virginia offers an abundance of volunteering opportunities! Whether you’re looking to serve hot meals in Richmond or beyond, by yourself or with family and friends, take a look at how you can get involved through various incredible charities that work to take care of those in our communities.


Before you sit down to feast on your favorite turkey and fixins, gobble up the incredible opportunities that Richmond offers during the holiday season. You’ll love giving thanks and feeling grateful for the beauty all around you — from family and friends, to exciting cultural events, to brand new beginnings waiting for you in your Cornerstone home and community.


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Lock and Leaf Peep in Virginia

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Every year, Virginia is #1  for showing its vibrant colors for the fall foliage fanatics!  For those who live in a Cornerstone Homes community, you can sit in your sunroom, courtyard or patio and take in the view or stroll the neighborhood sidewalks or walk the trails in the woods or by the lake,  and enjoy the scenery.  But because of our perfect locations, you can also hop in the car and in a jiffy be at another spectacular spot to peep the leaves. Lock and Leaf Peep Richmond VA

In beautiful Richmond and beyond, the seasonal burst of colors is always a sight to see. If you’re a “leaf peeper” who can’t get enough of this time of year, Cornerstone Homes is the perfect place to be! While you’re out exploring, you can enjoy every minute knowing you don’t have to worry about raking your leaves! 

So now that you don’t have to worry about all that fall yard work since you live in a  55+ community,   pack a picnic and check out of a few of our very favorite spots in and close to Richmond to peep the leaves:

Richmond Area Leaf Colors

Lock and Leaf Peep Monument AvenueMonument Avenue


One of the most beautiful Avenues in the United States, it is even more breathtaking this time of the year. Cobblestone streets, turn of the century homes, and monuments add to this spectacular tree-lined street.

James River Park

Hike the trails along the James River and cross the James to Bell Island.  Views of the City and the River are awe-inspiring.

Forest Hill Park

With creeks, a pond, and a lake, Forest Hill Park is a relaxing place to unwind and soak up the beauty by the water. You can even take a leisurely hike for some incredible views!

Bryan Park

Sprawling fields, a stunning pond, and lush trees make up this friendly park, which celebrates the simple joy of being outdoors. Have a picnic on the grass as you photograph your favorite fall view.

Libby Hill Park 

Look out onto the scenic and historic James River from this hilltop, where you’ll love to sit, reflect, and recharge among the gorgeous foliage all around you. This view seems to go for days!

Great Shiplock Park

There’s something about the reflection of fall in the water that makes the heart swell. This lock that connects the James River with the Richmond Dock was built in the 1950s and continues to be a beautiful outdoor staple of Richmond to this day.

Leaf Peeping Outside of Richmond

Blue Ridge Mountains

blue ridge mountain

There’s a reason why people sing about the Blue Ridge Mountains. This natural wonder provides some of the most breathtaking fall views you’ll ever experience. Get out and explore!

Chris Green Lake Leaf PeepingChris Greene Lake


There’s no better place to peep the leaves than this picturesque park in Charlottesville. Filled with peace and calm, it’s a perfect area to roam around and feel the fall spirit.

Pipin Hill Winery

This gem of a winery has a view of the mountains near Charlottesville and a perfect spot for a picnic or a gourmet lunch in their restaurant.

Wintergreen Ski Resort

Ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway or hike Hump Back Rocks – all close to Wintergreen resort.

Shenandoah County ParkLeaf Peeping Richmond Va


Nestled between Maurertown and Toms Brook, this family-friendly park is great for the grandkids! With a playground, birding trails, and more, there’s so much for everyone to do.


Oh, the joys and freedom of maintenance-free living.  There’s no better time than this fall to lock and leave your home, and peep!  Join the Cornerstone club and feel the freedom! 


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Right-Sizing Part IV: Cornerstone Concierge Program Makes Right-Sizing Easy

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Are you ready for the good life at a Cornerstone Homes community but have a house to sell? How many of you have lived in your home for more than 10 to 15 years? More than likely when you bought your current home,  you did not have to think about staging, pictures on the internet, multiple financing options, and maybe you had not accumulated a lot of “stuff” at that time?  The word  “right-sizing” didn’t even exist!   Well, times have changed but no problem.  We have you covered!

The Cornerstone Concierge ProgramCornerstone Concierge Program

Our Cornerstone Concierge Program is designed to make the transition to your new lifestyle in a Cornerstone Home Community EASY.  Our program is a comprehensive program to assist you with selling your current home, preparing your home for sale, organizing your move, and securing financing.  We understand making a move at any age is difficult.  With the help of our Concierge team members, we can make your move simple, stress-free, organized, AND even save you money!

Connerstone Concierge Program

Since 2008 Cornerstone Homes has helped over 100 home buyers make the move.  As a Builder who focuses solely on building homes and communities for active adults, we feel we have a unique understanding of what truly matters to our buyers.  Here is what one of our homeowners had to say about their experience with the Concierge Program:

“I don’t know what I would have done without the Cornerstone Homes team of experts. It was so reassuring to know that someone was there to guide me through my move. The Concierge team of professionals is top notch.” – Beth Kendall, a homeowner at Villas at Magnolia Lakes

Take a look at the many benefits of this program and how it will simplify your move to this exciting new phase of your life:

Prepare Your Home for Salecornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4


Rest Easy!   Today, staging is very important.  Our preferred Stagers will work with you to prepare your home for sale and maximize its sales price.  They will depersonalize your home, declutter, and create great photos for your listing, which will help your listing appeal to more buyers, sell for more money and sell faster.




cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4De-Clutter Your Life

This is the emotional part.  Letting go of some of your “stuff.” But it can also be a fun time to connect and share memories as you pass on your treasures to your kids, grandkids or special friends.   Enjoy door to door peace of mind as our Senior Move Manager will assist you with your entire transition.  From helping you assess your household of belongings, to determining what to bring, what to sell, what to donate, what to repurpose, and what to keep in the family.  Our Senior Move Manager can tailor this move to suit your needs and make it the best way to “right-size” for your new home.

cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4


Sell Your Home & Save Money

Save Money!  Work with our preferred realtors and save 2% on your broker commission.  Our handpicked Preferred Realtors have years of experience working with active adults.  They work closely with other Concierge team members to make your experience smooth and easy. 





cornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4Secure Your Financing

Find the best possible option that is right for you.  And there are more options out there today than there used to be.  Our team of expert preferred lenders will find the right choice for you and guide you through the process with less paperwork,  shorter closing times, and money saving discounts. 




Organize Your Movecornerstone concierge program rightsizing part 4

Our Senior Move Manager will coordinate your move, from packing to unpacking. We can even help with furniture placement to final clean up to get you all settled in.

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe that right-sizing is a memorable milestone, and every step of the process should be just as enjoyable as your new life here will be. We take care of the details before you move in, so the “after” is all you’ve ever dreamed about.  There’s no reason to wait, make the move today to a Cornerstone Homes Community today!


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Taking Steps Toward a Healthy Lifestyle at Cornerstone Homes

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Getting a few friends together for a group walk may be more beneficial than you think!  It can contribute to your health without any side effects. This easy and enjoyable exercise is great for your physical and mental health, improving circulation, sleep, and mood, among many others.

Based on scientific studies of walking groups over time, participants at the end of the study had experienced some sort of benefit; lower cholesterol, lower heart rate, or weight loss.  Walking is such a great way to enhance your quality of life. So challenge yourself – set goals – buy a fit bit. Here are a few reasons why you should put on your walking shoes and go!

walking couple chickahominy farms cornerstone homes

1. Walking is not Limiting  

It is free and simple.  You can go alone or with friends, and get fresh air at the same time. 

2. Get on your Feet

We tend to become more and more sedentary, whether watching TV, eating meals, looking at the computer, or riding in your car. This can take a toll on your health. Just 30 minutes of walking each day will improve your health.

3. Improved Balance  

Walking is the easiest way to strengthen muscles in your legs, back, and abdomen, all which keep you steady.

4. Keeps you Independent

Walking will help you stay in shape, so you have an easier time doing daily tasks. It gives you a sense of independence.

5. Makes you Happy 🙂 

Walk with a friend! This activity encourages being social and reaching out to others.

Along with all of these benefits, there are many others. Walking eases joint pain, boosts immune function, benefits memory, and helps you sleep.   Cornerstone Homes Fitness Center

Living in a walkable Cornerstone Homes community, you can meet up with friends or take your dog on the community walking trails. You can stroll along the community sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, or head to the Corner Patch Gardens to see what’s growing. On those rainy days, you can always head to the clubhouse and work out in the fully equipped fitness center while watching your favorite show.

All of our Cornerstone Homes communities are located near numerous county and state parks. Grab a neighbor or your four-legged friend and head out for a change of scenery.

Staying fit at Cornerstone Homes is easier and more fun than you’d ever imagine. whether you enjoy walking indoors or outdoors, you have many options to stay fit and reap the physical and mental health benefits that this exercise offers. There’s nothing like a nice walk to get your blood pumping and make your mind feel fresh and clear — get up and get walking!  

For more information on living a healthier and better life now, please visit our website or come and visit to see firsthand. We look forward to showing you what life can be like. It’s time to take that first step!


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Right-Sizing Part 3: Repurpose Your Favorite Items for Your New Home

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We all know the phrase out with the old, in with the new, but when it comes to right-sizing your life at Cornerstone Homes, we say keep the old and make it new…


When you’re ready to leave home repairs and yard work behind for good, a maintenance-free, easy-living Cornerstone home is waiting with open arms. But before you dive into the fun, social, and leisurely lifestyle that awaits here, make sure to repurpose your favorite furniture the right way.


Decluttering and getting rid of stuff makes life easier, but you don’t have to say goodbye to absolutely everything. In fact, many of your favorite pieces can feel brand new with the right touch, so you can avoid unnecessary purchases while maintaining a bit of your favorite pieces in your new one.


Reupholster Furniture

Cornerstone Homes

Even with a worn appearance, there’s nothing like the comfort of your favorite chair. Brighten up a timeless staple with beautiful, fresh fabric to give it pops of life. Not to mention, new pillows are always a great way to make an old chair or couch feel updated.


Stools as End Tables

Single Level Living TImely and Lasting Features Cornerstone Homes

Versatile and stylish, repurposing any kind of stool is always fun. Use extra stools as end tables in your living room or bedrooms for a trendy and cozy aesthetic. Give your stools a makeover with a new paint color, wrap them with string lights, and get creative with your accessories. 


Repurpose Coffee Table for Outdoor Living

Barley Woods Covered Patio

If you’re buying a nice, new piece of furniture for the centerpiece of your new living room, place your current coffee table in your Cornerstone courtyard or patio! Create a warm and welcoming spot with chairs and seasonal decor for entertaining, as well as to enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings.

A Fresh Coat for Your Dresser

painted dresser repurpose rightsize

 If you are ready for new bedroom furniture for your new luxurious owner’s suite, give your current dresser a makeover with a fresh coat of paint in a trendy color or pattern. Repurpose your previous dining room’s chandelier by hanging over your bed to give a touch of elegance in your bedroom, and find some stylish bed linens to match. Your new owner’s suite or guest room will feel comfy, cozy, and stylish as ever.


Dining Room Revamp


Your dining room set has been through it all, from birthday parties to holiday gatherings to simple weeknight dinners. If your table and chairs feel a bit outdated,  you don’t have to let them go just yet! Paint your table and chairs and add new placemats and table settings.  Or, start using your china and silverware every day. Why not enjoy it!!  These small updates can make a big impact in your new dining room.  



Remember, our Concierge team members are here to help you sell or donate your unwanted items, and help you think about how you can repurpose your favorite furniture. We can even help you place your furniture (old and new) in your new home. The goal of the Concierge Program is to help you every step of the way, and our mission is to improve the lives of those 55+ and better, and this is the first step. This process not only makes right-sizing easier, but it also clears your mind and puts you on the right track to a relaxing, leisurely, and comfortable lifestyle.


It’s the beginning of a new milestone.   Bring your treasured items with you and breath new life into some of them.  And, now is the time to spring for a few new pieces, maybe artwork too!   Blending the old with the new is a new chapter. While some of your items may have to go, many of them can make the journey with you (with a little alteration!) Make your furniture more useful than ever before and watch your new Cornerstone home bloom with positivity. Your best life is out there, and it can start right now!




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Happy Homeowners: Meet Mike and Patrice Murphy!

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We recently caught up with Mike and Patrice, new homeowners in Cornerstone Homes Barley Woods Community in Fredericksburg, Virginia.   

Happy Homeowners Barley Woos Cornerstone Homes testimonial

Before beginning their search for a new community, Mike and Patrice agreed upon several requirements in terms of what they wanted.  First, they really wanted to continue going to their church, live close to their old home and friends, meet new people, and try new things. And of course, they wanted a community geared toward those 55 and better with exterior maintenance provided!  After looking at multiple builders, they took a trip to Richmond to check out another Cornerstone community and saw first-hand the quality construction.  They felt Barley Woods offered all of this and more.  Mike and Patrice have been happier than ever, since day one.

The couple moved from a large community and a house with a large yard. They love the size of Barley Woods and the fact that they do not have to spend a fortune on yard upkeep. They both felt it was just the right size to offer recreational amenities and a strong sense of community but not so large that you feel like one of the masses. The Murphys have become the social butterflies they’ve always dreamed of being, and even said that living among their peers has completely changed their lives! From participating in social clubs to volunteering, there’s never a dull moment in their schedules.

Patrice is an ESL teacher through her church and loves to help people while constantly learning herself. Because she was able to stay at her church, she gets to see her old friends often and even inspires her friends form Barley Woods to donate coats during the church’s coat drive in the fall.

Best of all, Mike and Patrice get to share their incredible new experiences and lifestyle with their new neighbors.

“The best part about living with people in the same stage of life as us is that we can go out to dinner on Thursday nights because we don’t work!”

From dinner reservations, happy hours, and coffee dates to walks along the trails and in the dog park, the couple’s social life has skyrocketed to new heights since moving to Barley Woods.  Their dog, Paisley, loves the dog park right in the neighborhood just steps from their front door. Her social life has also taken a turn for the better!   

Paisley Dog Barley Woods

When it comes to what’s next, Mike and Patrice both say that they can’t wait to travel more. Whether they’re traveling far and wide, or heading to Richmond to see their daughter, they now have the chance to leave their home in the absolute best hands.  They don’t have to worry about a thing while they’re having fun because they know the grass will get cut, the gutters will get cleaned and the weeds will be picked while they are gone!  After all, a vacation’s not complete without total relaxation and peace of mind.

The moment that Mike and Patrice saw Barley Woods, they knew it was a special place. Aside from its natural beauty and very convenient location, the community is constantly buzzing with positivity from the happiest and most welcoming neighbors.

“There is always something to do and we love our neighbors. I wish we would have made this move sooner!” 

Delicious Fall Recipes From Our Corner Patch Gardens | Cornerstone Homes

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There are so many reasons why it’s easy to fall in love with autumn. In a beautiful Cornerstone Homes community in Virginia, where the scenery is vibrant and the air is fresh, a delicious fall treat is the best way to celebrate the season. Guess what’s growing in our Corner Patch Gardens as you’re reading!


Head down to the gardens to pick the produce that you love the most, from mushrooms to zucchini to squash, and make meals that’ll melt your heart all season long! Perfect for holidays with family, potlucks with friends, and afternoon hors-d’oeuvres on your porch, these tasty fall recipes from Sean, the Corner Patch Gardener, will make your fall as fantastic as can be:


Squash Fritters

squash fritter corner patch gardens



  • 2 yellow squash
  • 2 zucchini
  • 1/2 butternut squash
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • Grill Mates’ brown sugar bourbon seasoning (or substitute Old Bay)



  1. Run squash through a food processor with grater blade
  2. Make batter with egg and 1/4 cup coconut milk
  3. Pour batter over the mix of shredded squash
  4. Hand form patties to your preference
  5. Bake at 425º for 15 minutes or until golden brown


Cauli-cumber Salad

Cauli-Cucumber Salad Fall Recipes Corner Patch Garden



  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 2 cucumbers
  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper



  1. Rice cauliflower, either by chopping finely, or running the head through a food processor with grating disc
  2. Chop cucumber to desired size (we recommend chopped spears sliced in quarters lengthwise)
  3. Mix ingredients together and ensure that riced cauliflower spreads evenly over cucumbers like breading
  4. Add finely chopped dill and parsley
  5. Add seasoning, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil, and mix entire salad


Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers Fall Recipes Corner Patch Garden


  • Bell peppers
  • Cabbage
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Cottage cheese
  • Horseradish cheddar
  • 5-pepper blend



  1. Sauté cabbage until brown; add chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, and seasoning
  2. Place spoonful of cottage cheese in each halved pepper
  3. Scoop cabbage mixture into each halved pepper and top with horseradish cheddar cheese
  4. Bake for 25 minutes at 350º and enjoy!


Mush Mush Mushroom Dip

Mushroom Dip Fall Recipes Corner Patch Garden


  • 1 pint of mushrooms
  • 4-6 oz of cream cheese
  • Chives
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt and pepper



  1. Run mushrooms through a food processor until pureed (you can also chop by hand)
  2. Mix pureed mushrooms with cream cheese (use a mixing wand to increase fluffiness)
  3. Add chopped up chives, soy sauce (to taste), and salt and pepper to mushroom and cream cheese mix
  4. Mix all ingredients one last time and serve with chips, veggies, or other dippables


We held our last cooking demo of the year at the Villas at Ashlake this week.  We held the cooking demo inside since there was a bit of a fall chill in the air, but made our way outside to see what is starting to grow in the “fall-winter” garden.

Cooking Demo in the Corner Patch Garden Villas at Ashlake

Crafted with love from our Corner Patch Gardens, we hope you enjoy these delectable fall dishes and enjoy making them in your spacious Cornerstone Homes kitchen, too! We can’t wait to celebrate our favorite season of all with you. Stay tuned for more from the garden in the next few months. Happy fall!



Corner Patch Bee

Chickahominy Falls by Cornerstone Homes | A 55+ Farm-Based Community in Hanover, VA

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Chickahomy falls sunrise

The sound of water gently trickling over the falls of the Chickahominy River. Fruit trees rustling in the breeze as ducks warm themselves in the early morning sun.  Friends arrive at the Clubhouse to get a jump on the day with water aerobics. Next to The Barn, a farm crew tends to the crops of Woodside Farms in preparation for the coming harvest. Rise and Shine – it’s going to be a beautiful day at Chickahomy falls farmChickahominy Falls.

At Chickahominy Falls in Hanover County, healthy living comes naturally with over 73 acres of farmland, wooded preserves, and green space.   Greater Richmond’s first 55+ agri-community, featuring healthy living in a farm-inspired community with opportunities for work and play has really struck a chord with 55+ homebuyers.  And here is why…..

Woodside Farms

Chickahomy falls farm

The 10-acre heart and soul of the community, this four-season professionally-managed farm will grow a curated mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers selected for their health and wellness. Since health and wellness are extremely important for the 55+ buyer, the community will play a large role in the plot and farm planning directed to their wants and needs.   

The Barn

Chickahomy falls barn

The Barn, overlooking Woodside Farms, is a working barn with a seriously playful side.  In addition to being a working barn, it will be home to a professional demonstration kitchen and a variety of indoor/outdoor entertaining spaces. The Barn will be one of Chickahominy Fall’s core amenities, providing opportunities for neighbors to socialize and interact with the farm all year long.

“The Barn symbolizes what makes Chickahominy Falls special,” said Glover. “You’re going to see a lot of interaction and a lot of balance between having fun, staying healthy and active, and engaging with the farm. Residents won’t be required to work the farm, of course, since it will be professionally managed and operated. However, residents will have plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty with our farm team, work with their neighbors, and take advantage of the farm’s bounty of fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs and more.”

The Clubhouse and Pool


The 5-star amenity overlooking the manicured lawns and pond will feature shaded decks and patios, a fire pit, swimming pool, fitness center, game room, library, entertaining kitchen, bar, and so much more.

Walking and Biking Trails

Chickahomy falls river

Staying active is easy with miles of trails and outdoor fitness stations winding throughout the community and alongside the Chickahominy River. 

Chickahomy falls yoga

Fishing Pond

Grandpa grandson fishing


From the Chickahominy River to the community pond, water adds a splash of tranquility to this vibrant, farm-inspired community. Great moment and memories await around every corner.

Check out our Almanac to keep up with the community. Sound like a dream?  We invite you to learn more about healthy living at Chickahominy Falls.  And our homes are the icing on the cake!   

Pop-Up Sales Event in the Cove at Magnolia Lakes

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Cove at Magnolia Lakes Pop Up Sales Event

The possibilities are popping up everywhere! Join us on Saturday, October 20th from 9-11AM for a sales event in the Cove at Magnolia Lakes. In charming Chester, VA, the Cove is more than an active adult community — it’s a place where neighbors are good friends, life is always easy, and no day is ordinary.


When you purchase a gorgeous new home at our sales event, you’ll receive a free finished rec room*! Make each day even brighter with an extra space where you can do what you love. The Cove at Magnolia Lakes is located at 5800 Magnolia Cove Circle, Chester, VA 23831.


A happier and healthier life starts with an active adult community that’s designed for you, and the Cove at Magnolia Lakes has your name written all over it. Beautiful, high-quality homes with single-level living provide you with the comfort and accessibility you need, and the luxury and style that you deserve.

Washington Floorplan Cornerstone Homes Barley Woods Magnolia Lakes

Spacious rooms, spectacular master suites, and a variety of flex spaces give you the freedom to live entirely on your terms. Even better, the fun, social, and active lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about is waiting for you right outside of your front door.


Resort-style amenities like a clubhouse, fitness center, pool, lakeside boardwalk, covered pavilion, canoe launch, community gardens, and more let you explore your passions, meet new friends, and dive right into the good life. We have it all here, so don’t wait another minute!


We can’t wait to see you at our Pop-Up Sales Event to help you find your new home and start your new lifestyle. For more information on the Pop-Up Sales Event and our Cornerstone homes, call 804-894-9134.


*Available on all lower level homesites. Contact community sales manager for details.

Staying Fit: The Benefits of an Active Lifestyle in a Cornerstone Homes Community

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Since its founding, Cornerstone Homes has been solely focused on building homes and communities dedicated to the wellness, connection, and lifestyle of people 55+.   

We understand that physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits and that regular activity can improve your quality of life in many ways.  Not only do our communities foster connecting and having fun with your neighbors, but they also offer numerous ways to stay active.  This includes walkable communities with lighted sidewalks, trails through natural areas, an outdoor pool, and well-equipped Fitness Centers located in our Clubhouses. 

 Barley Woods Fitness Center Cornerstone Homes Barley Woods Fitness Center Cornerstone Homes

Barley Woods Pool

Cornerstone Homes is excited to introduce you to Lori Dietz, our fitness partner at Barley Woods in Fredericksburg! Lori, a certified ACSM personal trainer and aging specialist, is the owner of RUHIP, LLC.   She is also a water aerobics and diabetes prevention instructor.  Lori is a perfect fit to enhance the lifestyle and fitness of our homeowners at Barley Woods. 

When Lori reached 50, she realized that exercising, staying fit, and doing everyday tasks “just wasn’t as easy as it used to be.” Because her passion had always been educating people about how to exercise and stay healthy, she asked herself: why not pursue this further by reaching those my age?

Lori Dietz Fitness Cornerstone Homes

From her extensive educational background in health and wellness, and her love of helping others, she created RUHIP, LLC, a specialized Health Improvement Program for men and women over 50, working with those rehabilitating from injuries and surgeries, and those who simply want a better quality of life. 

Out of this incredible organization, the Functionality of Getting Older was born!  FOGO is a program that teaches multidimensional exercises designed to improve important everyday functions, including balance, coordination, strength, and cognition. Not to mention, they’re fun to do.

At Cornerstone Homes, Lori offers a free monthly orientation of the exercise room and its equipment, teaches the FOGO program, and trains residents one-on-one. Next summer, she’ll offer a water aerobics class in the outdoor pool! Aside from the many ways to stay fit in a Cornerstone Homes community, from walking trails to nearby parks, our spacious and friendly fitness centers put the “active” in an active adult community.

Lori Dietz Fitness Cornerstone Homes

Staying fit promotes a high quality of life and gives you more freedom of movement. Lori’s motto is: “To move is to live, to live is to move.” When you understand the physical aging process — what’s normal, what will change, and how to “move” through it — you can take on this new chapter of your life with the greatest strength.Chickahomy falls yoga

Lori’s advice? It’s never too late to move. Whether you’re walking along one of our scenic trails, hanging out at the Corner Patch Gardens, swimming in a clubhouse pool, taking a fun class with a friend in the group fitness center, or picking vegetables in your community garden, you’ll love the many activities here that get you moving. This season, let’s stay fit! 


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