Featured Cornerstone Employee: Meet Victoria!

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Featured Employee Victoria Cornerstone HomesAs partners on your right-sizing journey, the Cornerstone Homes team works hard to make that journey smooth and easy. Our maintenance-free homes are designed to bring you unlimited comfort, luxury, and time to do what you love, and we can’t wait for you to experience this kind of lifestyle each and every day.

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our most dedicated and caring employees, our Corporate Construction, Closing and Warranty Coordinator, Victoria!  Victoria has the “get it done attitude” and that comes in handy as she is the one coordinating your home from start to finish!   With Victoria on your side, you’ll always know that you’re getting the absolute greatest service, along with a trusted friend.

For 6 years, Victoria has loved being involved throughout the entire home building process with Cornerstone Homes. From getting the permits ready and issued to getting the buyers to the closing table, Victoria is there every step of the way. “It’s very fulfilling to be a part of someone’s dream home being completed!” Not to mention, the wonderful people she works with — coworkers and homeowners alike — make every day a new adventure.

Born on the outskirts of Chicago in the city of Oak Park, Victoria’s family moved to Richmond when she was a little girl, where she quickly felt right at home despite her Midwestern accent. She always shared a special bond with her 2 sisters and loves spending time with family. Best of all, Victoria just witnessed her youngest daughter’s marriage to the love of her life, and she feels truly blessed!

When it comes to her choice to work with active adults, Victoria says that she feels most inspired by those who maintain a positive attitude and keep looking to all of the good ahead. That’s not hard when what’s ahead is a Cornerstone home! When you live in a Cornerstone home, new and exciting opportunities surround you at all times, and no one understands the beauty and freedom of this lifestyle quite like Victoria.

Outside of work, Victoria loves a variety of hobbies, including gardening, playing darts, dancing, and singing at church. When she’s not traveling (Myrtle Beach is her favorite!) or finding something new in the Bible, she’s munching on popcorn, her favorite snack, and singing along to theme song of her life, “Life in the Fast Lane”!

As knowledgeable and hard-working as she is kind and attentive, Victoria is such a pleasure to have on the Cornerstone Homes team.  And as any of her co-workers would say, “Victoria is the first one in the office and the last one to leave.”   Believe us, Victoria has your back!!!  Thank you for all of your hard work, Victoria!

Cheers to the Holidays! Holiday Cocktail Recipes for your Cornerstone home

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cranberriesCranberry garnishes, white chocolate liqueur, and cinnamon sticks… sounds like a cozy holiday cocktail in the making!   Holiday parties are in full swing in our Cornerstone Homes communities!  The Clubhouses are decked out and the social calendar is booked!  Smaller gatherings of holiday cheer are happening in neighborhood homes.   And our spacious and inviting Cornerstone homes are perfect for entertaining.

Whether you’re hosting a big dinner party or a casual get-together with your favorite hors-d’oeuvres, holiday-themed cocktails are a great way to get everyone feeling as merry and bright as can be.   And you can always enjoy a holiday cocktail while sitting by the fireplace and doing your  Christmas shopping online!   Why not?   From holiday margaritas to photo-worthy martinis, here are some of our favorite tastiest treats of the season:

White Christmas Margaritas 

Who says margaritas can only be enjoyed on a beach in the summer? This season, ditch the salt and switch up a few ingredients for a holiday gift like no other!


  • 14-oz. can coconut milk,
  • 12 oz. silver tequila,
  • 8 oz. triple sec,
  • 1/2 c. lime juice,
  • 2 c. ice,
  • 1/2 c. mint, for garnish,
  • lime sliced into rounds for garnish,
  • lime wedge for rim,
  • sanding sugar for rim,
  • cranberries for garnish


In a blender, combine coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and ice, and blend the mixture until it’s smooth. Rim each glass with a lime wedge before dipping into sanding sugar. Pour the drink into your glasses and finish off with your lime and cranberry garnishes.

Snowflake Martini  

It’s almost too beautiful to drink, but that just makes it even more delicious… This snowy and sweet drink will be a holiday hit for years to come.


  • 3 oz. white chocolate liqueur,
  • 2 oz. vanilla vodka,
  • 2 tbsp. heavy cream,
  • 1/2 c. ice,
  • 1 lemon wedge for rim,
  • 1/3 c. white sanding sugar for rim


Wet the rim of each martini glass with a lemon wedge and dip into sanding sugar (the rim should sparkle like a snowflake!) Next, pour chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, and heavy cream into a cocktail shaker, and top with ice until full. Shake well, strain the mixture, and pour into each glass.






moscow mule

Moscow Reindeer Cocktail

What’s more comforting around the holidays than a mint-flavored treat? A Christmas twist on a classic drink makes it all the more fun and delicious.


  • A handful of fresh mint (or fresh peppermint),
  • 2 oz. vodka,
  • juice of 1/2 a lime,
  • 6 oz. ginger beer,
  • a crushed candy cane for garnish,
  • whole candy cane for garnish,
  • crushed ice


Muddle crushed ice and a handful of mint in a copper mule mug, then stir in vodka and lime juice and top with ginger beer. Sprinkle the crushed candy cane as desired and finish with a whole one!


Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer 

If you’re feeling especially celebratory during the holidays, this sparkling drink is for you! Fun to look at and even more fun to drink, everyone will smile over this refreshing cocktail.


  • 1 bottle prosecco,
  • 2 ounces peach schnapps,
  • 4 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice,
  • 4 ounces pom juice,
  • 1 small bottle mango flavored soda water,
  • 6-8 sprigs rosemary,
  • 1 fresh pomegranate,
  • .5 cup sugar, 1 cup water


In a small pan, bring 1 cup of water and 2-3 sprigs of rosemary to a boil. Add sugar to boiling water, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove the pan from heat, strain the rosemary leaves, and set them aside to cool. After cleaning and de-seeding the pomegranate set the seeds aside. Pour prosecco into 4 cocktail glasses and add .5 oz. of peach schnapps, .5 oz. of rosemary simple syrup, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, 1 oz. of pomegranate juice, and a splash of mango soda water, and stir! Finally, add 1 tbsp. of pomegranate seeds to each glass, allowing them time to float to the top of the glass. Finish with a sprig of rosemary.

No matter what you decide to sip on this holiday season, whether sweet and creamy or sparkling and fruity,
be sure to stop by a Cornerstone Clubhouse and feel the Holiday spirit in our close-knit communities.  It’s a magical place to live and you can feel the community spirit all year long.   Stay a while and you will want to join them I’m sure!!!    

Let us know what’s your favorite Holiday drink on our community Facebook pages.  Follow us on any and all our Facebook pages to keep in the know of what your life could be in a Cornerstone Home Community!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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Tech Tips 101 | How to Use Tech to Your Advantage

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There is no doubt that today’s technology has redefined how we live our daily lives. It’s never been easier to get around, connect with friends and family, and do our routine tasks in record time. The possibilities for convenience in a Cornerstone Homes community are endless, and they’re just getting started! 


See your grandchildren from a hundred miles away on FaceTime, order a new piece of furniture with the click of a button, ask Alexa to turn off your lights, and the list goes on… Take a look at our favorite apps, tips, and products to take advantage of the beauty and ease of modern tech:


Tech Tip #1: Kindlekindle tech tips

 If you live and breathe books, the Kindle will change your life! No matter where you are, whether traveling on a plane or lying in bed, the Kindle lets you download an unlimited amount of novels, so you’ll never miss a page of something extraordinary. Extra light lets you read in the dark, and you can even increase the font size! Gone are the days of carrying heavy books around.


Tech Tip #2: Yelpyelp tech tips

 Every Cornerstone Homes community is surrounded by a town with delicious restaurant options, but any opinion makes the choice for dinner so much easier. The closest thing to word-of-mouth, Yelp is a website filled with real reviews from patrons, along with photos, ratings, hours and info, and much more.


Tech Tip #3: Map My Walk walking couple chickahominy farms cornerstone homes

A leisurely walk along one of our scenic trails is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and get some exercise in. When it comes to health data, clear your mind and don’t think about your steps — this app will do all the work! Map My Walk tracks your time, distance, speed, and calories burned.


Tech Tip #4: WhatsApp

Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends… WhatsApp understands that you want to stay connected to everyone. This intuitive messaging system lets you make group chats with up to 25 people! Best of all, it can be used internationally wherever there’s WiFi, so you can stay in touch while traveling.


Tech Tip #5: Facebook 

Once used solely by college kids, Facebook is now the world’s largest circle of friends. Once you’ve created an account, add your high school, college, previous workplaces, etc. to connect with people from your past, as well as watch all of your grandkids’ adventures. You can send messages to others, view photos, and write updates about your life.


Tech Tip #6: Uber and Lyft uber tech tips

Today, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with a few simple taps on your phone. Uber and Lyft are apps that pair you with skilled drivers to take you to your destination. Keep these apps handy for when you’re not able to drive (or hey, when you just don’t feel like it!)


Tech Tip #7: Pill Reminder by Medisafe

Remembering to take your medication never has to be stressful again. This phone app will remind you to take your meds, and setting everything up couldn’t be easier. You can also check medication interactions, browse your daily med overview, and much more.


Pro Tip — Emergency Call on iPhone

In certain situations, you want help fast. Fortunately, your iPhone is designed to make emergency calls as quickly and easily as can be. When your phone is locked, simply press the home button once and tap “Emergency” at the bottom left corner.


Pro Tip — Notes App tech tips

From social apps to email, it can be hard to keep track of all of your passwords — but writing them down ensures that you’ll never get locked out of an account. Along with a physical entry on paper, keep your passwords stored in the “Notes” section on your iPhone for easy access.


When you live in a Cornerstone Homes community, life is all about luxury, leisure, and enjoying the little things. Modern technology, whether an app on your iPhone or a convenient product, makes every task even easier, so all your time and energy is spent doing what you love. And what do our homeowners love?  Meeting neighbors at the clubhouse, going to social events, playing cards, having pot lucks, sitting by the pool, exercising in the fitness center, walking the trails, walking the neighborhood sidewalks and stopping to chat, picking fresh veggies out to the community garden, and the list goes on!!


Embracing today’s tech means freeing up your days to truly enjoy your hard-earned retirement. Who would want to miss a moment of the fun that awaits here? We can’t wait to see what adventures you get into in a Cornerstone Homes community!


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Celebrating Christmas in Richmond, Ashland, and Fredericksburg, VA

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The fire’s crackling, the lights are twinkling, and Sinatra’s playing throughout your home — there’s no better place to be during the holidays than beautiful Virginia! At Cornerstone Homes, we believe in the spirit of the season, and you don’t have to travel far to find the magic of wintertime.

This holiday venture outside for family-friendly events and activities that’ll make this year the most memorable of all. From spectacular tree lightings to Santa visits with your grandchildren, there’s never a shortage of holiday happiness here. Check out our top picks for things to do before you head into 2019:


December 9: Santa Brunch at the Henry Clay Inn santa celebrating Christmas in Ashland

Take your grandchildren to the wonderfully charming Henry Clay Inn for a delicious brunch with Santa
in this beautiful historic building. Indulge in breakfast favorites and take photos with everyone’s favorite holiday saint.


December 12: Make Your Own Board Game

Your grandchildren will absolutely love designing and creating their very own board game! Tasty refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Ashland Library at this one-of-a-kind event at the Ashland Library.

December 15: Holiday Concert

From 4-5:30pm, festive carolers will grace Main Street with their melodic voices! Take part in the merriment and soak up the spirit of the holidays. This event is completely free and open to everyone.

December 16: Central VA Masterworks Chorale Winter Concert

Experience the magnificence! The 70-member Central VA Masterworks Chorale will perform Bach’s Magnificat and Whitbourn’s Missa Carolae from 3-4:30 pm at their annual winter concert.

new years eve
December 31: Hanover Arts & Activities Center NYE Gala

Head into 2019 by supporting the arts! This fun and festive NYE party will feature hors-d’oeuvres, light desserts, a silent auction, and a champagne toast at midnight. All proceeds go to the center.




December 16: Elf Holiday Screening

Your grandkids may have missed this beloved holiday classic the first time around, but now they have the opportunity to see it on the big screen! The hilarious and heartwarming Elf will play at The Byrd Theatre.

December 19: Illuminate Night Show

Experience the magic of central VA’s largest drive-through light show! In Caroline County, you’ll drive through a spectacular park filled with a million LED lights with music to match… it’s a stunner!

Recurring: Tacky Lights Tour

tacky light tour celebrate christmas Richmond Dispatch

Mark Gormus, Times-Dispatch

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we think “over-the-top” really just means “top-of-the-line.” Take a tour through the tackiest houses of the neighborhood! Homes must have at least 40,000 lights.

 celebrate christmas ballerina nut crackerRecurring: Richmond Ballet’s Nutcracker

If you’ve never seen this Christmas classic, this is your year! Perfect for the whole family, a night out at the theater is always one to remember. This show will run until December 23.

Recurring: Lewis Ginter GardenFest of Lights

This is truly a festival like no other… A beloved town tradition, this event features one million lights, botanical decorations, model trains, delicious dinners, a firepit to roast s’mores, and so much more.



December 14: Crafts and Drafts Winter Marketcelebrate christmas richmond va present market

From 5-8pm, stroll through this festive market filled with local artisans and handmade gifts, live music, and of course, delicious beer. Find a special piece of decor for your Cornerstone home!

December 15: Frosty 5K and Reindeer Run

If you love to exercise (even in the cold!) this event is for you. Great for all ages, everyone finishes this fun 5K with a medal and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Afterward, enjoy the Stafford Christmas Parade!

The fun and festivities are just outside of our communities, but even more right in the neighborhood!  Our homeowners are busy preparing Holiday parties at each of our communities.  The clubhouses will be buzzing with activities, festive food and drinks, holiday music by the fire, and an abundance of holiday spirit will be flowing among neighbors and friends.   Stop by and check out the decorations and catch the spirit of living in a Cornerstone Home community.   There’s nothing like it anywhere else!!! 

From our family to yours, we hope you have the most wonderful holiday of all!

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How to Find the Best Christmas Gifts Online for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

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‘Tis the season to shop! While there are many stores near your Cornerstone community, internet shopping is a quick and easy way to find the perfect holiday gifts. If you’re stuck on what to buy or where to look, don’t worry — we’ve compiled a list to make navigating the internet easier than ever this Christmas!

internet shopping

Whether for grandchildren, siblings, friends, or neighbors, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for without the lines and stress of brick and mortar stores. This year, enjoy the fun of shopping from the comfiest spot on your sofa (while only getting up to eat more Christmas cookies, of course):


AmazonChristmas gift ideas

 You’ve certainly heard of Amazon, but have you utilized its 2-day shipping option? If you’re pressed for time or think of the perfect present at the last minute, Amazon is your go-to. Plus, searching has never been easier (everything is categorized), and each product comes with reliable user reviews.

*Gift Idea: Apple Airpods (wireless earphones), Google Home



christmas gift ideas head gardenerEtsy

There’s nothing as sweet as a customized gift. Etsy is an online marketplace where artists/crafters list and sell their handmade goods, many of which can be personalized! A custom name puzzle for your grandchild or a personalized wall key rack are a few ideas to inspire a big-hearted statement.

*Gift idea: Matching coffee mugs (with your special touch)



Consumer Reportschristmas gift idea suitcase luggage

Who doesn’t love a nice gift for the home? With everything from coffee makers and luggage to TVs and vacuum cleaners, this website tests and reviews a wide range of products so you don’t have to! Purchase the best of the best of what you’re looking for, so “mediocre” is never a worry.

*Gift idea: New luggage for the vacation your daughter is planning this year


lego set Christmas Gift ideasWalmart

Shop by category and price, and save big on brand name items! If you don’t want to wait for your gifts to ship, see what’s available at your neighborhood store and pick them up yourself. All you have to do is click on the “Stores” icon at the top right of the screen, type in your zip code, and voila!

*Gift Idea: Lego set for your grandchildren


Uncommon Goodsbaseball christmas gift ideas

This is your new one-stop shop for thoughtfully unique gifts.  Uncommon Goods features lists of gift ideas, categorized by price, recipient, and interest. You’ll be sure to find something extraordinary for everyone on your list, even that family member who seems to have it all!

*Gift Idea: Baseball stadium blueprints for the fan in your family who never misses a game



Think of this website as a giant online coupon… Search for gifts from the category, price, rating, and more, and you’ll automatically find the best deals from all over the internet. It’s never been easier to save, so why not save on some of your biggest purchases of the year? Your wallet will love you!

*Gift Idea: Robotic vacuum


Grouponspa session Christmas Gift ideas

While Groupon offers deals on an abundance of products, they also offer discounts on “things to do.” If you’re shopping for someone who values an experience over a tangible gift, this website is for you. From concerts to events to theme parks, find deals on getaways that’ll create lifelong memories.

*Gift Idea: A local cooking class, a spa session


Last but not least, it’s important to always browse the internet safely. This means shopping only with online retailers that you know and trust, and never giving out your private information to any site that feels like a scam. Now that you’re ready to shop ‘til you drop, grab a warm drink and your coziest slippers, and open up the internet… the whole world is right at your fingertips — literally! From all of us at Cornerstone Homes, have a wonderfully happy holiday.



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Our Thoughtfully Designed Kitchens are BIG Winners!

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The kitchen is generally the most used room in a home, so it should be a space you enjoy spending time. The place where you enjoy meals, share laughs, and entertain your family and friends, your kitchen is truly the heart of the home. In an award-winning Cornerstone Homes kitchen, you’ll be swooning over the functional yet stylish designs.  

Award Winning!!!

award winning model home

We are proud to share that the stunning kitchen in our Washington floor plan in Barley Woods was recognized at the 2018 Fredericksburg Area Builders Association Parade of Homes! Scored on functional design, size, storage space (i.e. cabinets, drawers, pantry, etc.), a mix of natural and artificial lighting, and craftsmanship/attention to details, The Washington received the Best Active Adult Kitchen Award.


Must-Have FeaturesThe Canterbury Happy Homeowners Cornerstone Homes

Island Hopping! From curved granite kitchen islands to storage-heavy workhorse islands, we’ve got it all. The island is the centerpiece of the kitchen and home. It creates a comfortable space that works well with the open floor plan concept where multiple spaces are blended together… the kitchen, dining room and great room.  Perfect for entertaining and being around friends and family, you’ll never be alone in the kitchen again!


Convenience & Space 

Single Level Living TImely and Lasting Features Cornerstone Homes  award winning kitchen washington model island storage  


Carrying in groceries is easier than ever.  The zero threshold entry from your large two-car garage, one of our timely and lasting features, is just a few steps to the kitchen and your pantry.  With ample storage in your pantry and plenty of cabinets, you can stock up for the winter or an upcoming party. An abundance of natural light and recessed LED lighting will make your meals shine.   







Design Choices!kitchen caroline model cornerstone homes

To add more personality to your kitchen, you can choose different cabinet colors on your island to provide contrast and emphasize your own style! Have you been dreaming of that perfect backsplash color forever?  Now’s the time to bring your vision to life. At the Cornerstone Design Center,  you can choose from an array of cabinet colors and designs, faucets and lighting, and appliances and countertops. From casual to traditional and everything in between, we’ve got all the kitchen inspiration you could ever need.


  ducal kitchen island


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa knows you deserve a new, shiny bright kitchen!  Just be sure to bake a few cookies for him! This holiday season, see how a classic Cornerstone Homes kitchen makes every moment merry and bright! For more information on our homes and communities, please visit our website. We can’t wait to help you find your dream kitchen!



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Save Big This Holiday Season | The Villas at Ashlake

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ashlake bright lights bigs savings quick move in homesBright Lights are shining in the Villas at Ashlake this Holiday Season! Cornerstone Homes is offering 5 quick move-in homes with savings up to $17,500, because we can’t wait to share the magic with you!


There is still time in 2018 to make the lifestyle change you deserve.  In the Villas at Ashlake, your days will be spent doing only what you love. Because we’re in charge of your home’s maintenance and repairs, you can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of your brand new vacation-inspired life. Whether you’re retired or on your way, every day feels like Christmas at the Villas at Ashlake.


No more stairs, no more having too much space to clean, and no more yard work. Say hello to a brand new shiny, energy-efficient home with all the bells & whistles you’ve been dreaming of! Finally, you’ll have time on your hands to meet new neighbors and enjoy fun social activities at your clubhouse, exercise in your fitness center, pick fresh veggies in your community garden, or walk the sidewalks when the weather starts to warm up. In other words…. Time to enjoy life!!!  



These award-winning, popular homes are waiting for you, so come see us today! The #1 phrase that we hear over and over from our homeowners is “Why did I wait so long?” When you visit our community, you can ask them yourself! They will be glad to tell you how great life is at the Villas at Ashlake.


There’s no greater gift to give yourself than the happiness of home… For more information on our holiday savings, please visit our website or contact Lori Melton at 804-234-8525 or From all of us at Cornerstone Homes, Happy Holidays to you! 


Quick Move-In Homes:


SOLD! The Colonnade**bright lights big savings quick move in homes villas at ashlake

2 BR, 2 BA, 1,547 sq. ft. | $320,442 (save $15,500)


SOLD! The Canterbury**

2 BR, 2 BA, 1,905 sq. ft. | $337,203 (save $17,500)


SOLD! The Canterbury w/ Bonus**

3 BR, 3 BA, 2,495 sq. ft. | $350,260 (save $16,500)


The Canterbury**

2 BR, 2 BA, 1,905 sq. ft. | $323,840 (save $14,500)


The Ducal**

2 BR, 2 BA, 1,806 sq. ft. | $332,779 (save $11,500)


*Savings based on price comparison of completed Quick Delivery homes that include upgrades and base price of To-Be-Built homes with no options/upgrades.

**Must close before year-end.

Tech Tips 101: Smart and Easy Living in Your Cornerstone Home

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smart home easy living cornerstone homesToday, technology makes it easier than ever to simplify your life and maintain your independence. From turning on lights, music, heat, and more with the flick of a switch, to controlling your security system while you’re miles away on vacation, many features let you live in the moment without worrying about the safety and function of your home. 

There are a lot of “smart” choices available to make your home smart and give you peace of mind. In fact, there are so many choices that it can be a bit mind-boggling… That’s why Cornerstone Homes is going to simplify everything so you can decide what you want for yourself in your new home!

These modern conveniences start with having a well-networked home, called “structured wiring.” Structured wiring is the backbone of your home’s communication and entertainment systems. Commonly called the “fourth utility,” it’s no longer an option — it’s a necessity! For instance, structured wiring and smart home technology can allow you to:


Play music in one room or throughout the house.

You can dance in any room – or every room!- with this feature.


Network all the computers in the house.home office cornerstone homes lower level living

Share files, software, and hardware such as printers and scanners.


Feel more secure than ever before.

Install systems that let you check in on your home with 24-hour monitoring and control lighting settings off-site. Give your children access to these systems if you feel secure with them checking in on you. In addition, devices today allow you to lock, unlock, and see who is at the door, all from your smartphone or device.


Make your home more comfortable.

You can dim the lights before bed or turn them on before you return home at night. Adjust your home’s temperature directly from your smartphone so that you come home to a space that’s as cozy or cool as you need it to be. You can even adjust these settings from the comfort of your couch, because who wants to get up from under the blanket to turn up the thermometer?


Make your least favorite chores easier than ever.

A Central Vacuum System allows you to clean your home conveniently, without having to drag a heavy unit around the house. This system creates cleaner and healthier air, while increasing your home’s value.


Enjoy a seamless entertainment experience.

Stream a movie or run a Blu-Ray on one player and watch it on any TV in the house.



And there’s so much more! From security systems and a central vacuum system, to devices like the Amazon Alexa and NEST thermostat that lets you adjust the thermostat while you’re out to save energy in your home – all from one convenient place. Technology today takes home automation to new heights. Talk to your Cornerstone Homes sales manager to determine which comfort, convenience, and safety systems work best for your lifestyle in your new home.



Whether you value quick and easy home security or an unbelievable home entertainment experience, the features you choose for your home will prove to be the “smartest” choices you’ve ever made… We can’t wait to see how wise your home becomes!



Cornerstone Insider

Featured Homeowner: Meet Pamela!

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pamela happy homeowner barley woods

When you live in a Cornerstone Homes community, a maintenance-free, all-fun lifestyle lets you live life your way. When you don’t have to worry about home repairs or yard work, your days are open-ended — whether you want to knock off the items on your bucket list, or simply sit back and relax.

Just ask Pamela, an active and vibrant Barley Woods homeowner who discovered just how much fun a 55+ community is. From making new friends to exploring new passions, AND  finally being able to leave the yard work to someone else, Pamela is having the time of her life! 

Pamela moved from a large 5 bedroom home on a half acre lot with lots of flower beds and leaves.   She did all the yard work herself until finally hiring help. It took Pamela two days to clean the inside of her 4000 sq. ft. home.  Pamela’s friends kept telling her, “This house is killing you!”

She admitted she felt trapped by all the work,  especially after suffering from an injury that left 2 of her ribs cracked. “Having to sit out on the pleasures of life for 8 weeks, I realized it was time to focus on enjoying life, and not the chores of maintaining a house.”

So she made the decision to look for a maintenance-free home and a community with amenities so she could have more free time and a chance to connect with new neighbors.

“Barley Woods had everything I was looking for”, said Pam. “Finally, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy life, instead of having to stress about keeping up with the yard work and cleaning a huge two-story home!”  

Pamela moved to Barley Woods in Fredericksburg from just 4 miles away, so her friends still live close by.  “Because many of my friends still work, I am enjoying hanging out, relaxing and getting to know my new neighbors in Barley Woods. I definitely have more opportunities to socialize more now and enjoy the activities at the Clubhouse.”
Barley Woods Fitness Center Cornerstone Homes
Pamela is also are regular at the Fitness Center at the Clubhouse. She works out at least 5 times a week. “It’s so nice to walk to the Fitness Center and not have to get in the car and drive to the gym.”  You can often see Pamela walking to the Clubhouse with a backpack filled with weights and water bottles to strengthen her back.

Having unlimited choices to fill her days with something new and exciting, Pamela found that right-sizing her home and life was the best decision she has ever made. She has far less work on her plate and far more room to do what she wants, whether it’s working out, shopping, seeing movies, or meeting up with friends at the Clubhouse.  

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and knowing that your day ahead will be bright, exciting and filled with the things you love. “This fall, I’m thinking about all those acorns and all those leaves that I don’t have to deal with this year!!”  

How to Host a Memorable Thanksgiving Feast in Your Cornerstone Home

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It’s almost that time of year! 🍂

Before you know it, family and friends will gather to share laughs, recount stories, and of course, indulge in the deliciousness that is Thanksgiving. Can you smell those festive flavors floating through your kitchen yet?

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to throw a holiday dinner party in your spacious and comfortable Cornerstone home. Our homes are perfectly designed with seamless entertaining in mind.  The open great room encourages easier socializing. If you have a few more details to attend to when your guests arrive, no guest will be left alone with our open floor plans! All Cornerstone Homes’ kitchens blend seamlessly into the great room and dining room, allowing conversations to flow. We believe the kitchen is more than a place to cook. Its real function is to bring the family together and create lasting memories.   

Canterbury Ashlake Great Room

This Thanksgiving, whether you’re a “seasoned hoster,” or this is the first time you’re having the big meal at your new home, all you need is a little preparation and you’re on your way to your best (and tastiest) Thanksgiving yet!


Plan It Outthanksgiving cornerstone homes tablescape


We all know that organization is key, so a concrete plan will help you visualize your evening and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Grab your computer or a notebook and make notes about the following:


1. How many people will you be serving? 2. Are there any dietary restrictions? 3. Which recipes can you make ahead? (Our fall recipes make great sides!) 4. Which recipes should be prepared the day of? 5. Which dishes will a family member or friend prepare? 6. What do you want the decor to look like? 


Once you have a clear idea of what you want this year’s Thanksgiving to be like, you’ll rid yourself of stress and relish in the holiday fun. After all, Thanksgiving is about family, graciousness, and relaxing (and of course, gobbling up your favorite food…), so you should enjoy every minute of it!




Go Shopping


If you don’t already have the necessary cooking utensils (yes, a “turkey lifter” and “flavor injector” are real items), meal ingredients, or decor, you’re in luck — the areas in and around Richmond and Fredericksburg are filled with markets and shops that cater to every Thanksgiving need.


Make your list! From grocery chains like Kroger, The Fresh Market, and Aldi, to kitchen supply retailers like Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma, you’re sure to find an easy and efficient place to get everything you need. Pro tip: check out deals in supermarket flyers, coupons, online, etc. There’s nothing as satisfying as saving on your Thanksgiving goods!


Prepare Your Home


thanksgiving wreathBack in the day, “preparing your yard” was a  big chore, but at Cornerstone Homes, you can cross this off your list!  When you live in a maintenance-free community, the days of fall leaf pick up and mulching and weeding is long gone.  With your exterior maintenance already covered by us, your yard and curb appeal are always guest-ready.


Now you have the time to devote to decorating and planning your meal!  So, hang your Thanksgiving wreath on the front door and start your inside decorating and cooking! When your guests walk into your home and see the Thanksgiving table set with care and creativity, you’re sending a message of gratitude, peace and welcome.  


From seasonal table settings and a centerpiece on your dining room table, to flowers and hors d’oeuvres in the living room before the meal, there are so many ways to get creative. Your fireplace is the focus of your great room, so decorate the Mantel to make this popular gathering spot even cozier.


cranberry cocktail thanksgivingStart the Party


Set up the bar on your Courtyard or Patio!!


Of course, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a holiday cocktail! Head to your courtyard and gather around the fire pit to start the festivities. Give your guests something to smile about as soon as they walk in with a delectable drink of your choosing. Whether you love warm, cider-based drinks, something fruity and fizzy to sip on, or classic wine with a kick, there’s a delicious drink recipe out there to start the fun.


We recommend trying this Cranberry Champagne Cocktail because it’s easy to make, it’s fun to drink, and it’s absolutely beautiful! All you need is cranberry juice, lime wedges, frozen cranberries, and Champagne or sparkling wine. Chill your Champagne flutes, add a squeeze of lime and cranberry juice, fill the glasses with your desired amount of alcohol, and finish off with 3-4 cranberries.

Prepare these drinks ahead of time so everyone receives a “party favor” when they walk in!


Guests will love to gather in front of the fireplace in the Great Room or at the large kitchen island to enjoy hors d’oeuvres. Chat with all your party guests while you finish up some details!


dinner family thanksgivingBe Thankful 


From quality time spent with your loved ones, to new and exciting opportunities in your Cornerstone home and community, life is as bright as it’s ever been. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and enjoy sharing the warmth of your cozy home with your family, friends, and neighbors!

Happy Thanksgiving From,

Cornerstone Insider

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