Fun at Orchard Villas Roanoke Townhomes 55+ Clubhouse

Categories: Blog | Posted: September 18, 2013

Orchard Villas Roanoke, Roanoke, VA’s best choice in active adult townhomes communitys, always has something going on!  Below are some pictures from recent events at our Clubhouse.

Weekly scheduled events include Game Day, Bridge Club, and other various social events/club meetings.  All are community members are welcome!

To join in on the fun and learn more about life at Orchard Villas Roanoke, fill out this form and we can contact you for more information at your convenience:

(540) 977-0238

Orchard Villas Roanoke
5300 Crumpacker Drive
Roanoke, Virginia 24019


Fun at Orchard Villas Roanoke Townhomes 55+ Clubhouse


Top Fitness Gadgets for Active Adults

Categories: Blog | Posted: September 9, 2013

Top Fitness Gadgets for Active Adults

fitness gadgets

More Americans are taking a proactive approach to their health and fitness – and it’s adding years to their life and independent living.  By counting calories and steps taken each day along with monitoring heart rate and other dietary intakes, technology is helping us stay healthy.

Companies like FitBit, Samsung, and soon Apple, Sony and Qualcomm are merging simple technology and fashion with diet and health.

Samsung announced their first “Smartwatch” this week called the “Galaxy Gear” which becomes available September 25.  Similar products are expected from Apple – possibly as soon as announced next week during their September 10 event.

The following are fitness gadgets that could be especially useful (and fun) for older adults and seniors:


1. FitBit Zip, $59.99,, Target, Best Buy

The FitBit Zip is a device that clips to a pocket or belt buckle and monitors how many steps you take daily.  The device is the size of a quarter and is waterproof.  Accompanying programs for the computer and apps for your phone help you set goals for weight loss and general cardio health.  By setting up a free fitness profile with FitBit, the FitBit Zip will encourage you to take more steps, and it’s accompanying app will update you when you’ve reached your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.  If you’re counting calories and watching your dietary intake, the Zip (and other FitBit products) sync up fantastically with most of your Fitness Apps.  Double tap the Zip’s screen and it tells you the time, double tap again and you get a smiley face that may brighten up your day.  Comes in different colors to match your general clothing style.  Comes with a long lasting battery (watch battery), needs replacing every 6 months if used daily.

fitness gadgets

2. FitBit Flex, $99.99,, Target, Best Buy

The FitBit Flex is a lot like the zip, but it’s harder to lose.  It fits like a nice wristband and comes in a multitude of colors.  Not only does the Flex track steps (like the Zip), but it also has a “sleep mode” that monitors your sleep cycle(s).  Both steps and sleep data are instantly available on your mobile device, with a slightly faster sync than the Zip.  The Flex doesn’t have a screen, so there is no number of steps available on the device to easily see.  Instead, 5 dots are lit up to let you know how far away from your daily walking goal you are.  Once your daily goal has been met, the device will quietly buzz, letting you know you’ve completed your activity goal.  Also like the Zip, it syncs up with popular Calorie Counting Apps.  “MyFitnessPal” seems to work best.  The device gets power from a charge, and comes with a USB “dongle” charger.  A full charge lasts around 5 days.

fitness gadgets

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear, $299, Available 9/25/13

The first of what will probably be many “Smartwatches” features many components that will help fitness.  It also looks like a generally nifty device.  From what information has been released, it seems that Apps will be what drives the use of this device.  This smart device will be able to monitor heart rate, which neither of the FitBits do.  The device also will count calorie intake, and allow you to take pictures of your food.

Tips for Selling Your Home

Categories: Blog | Posted: September 3, 2013

tips for selling your home

The real estate market has been “bouncing back” and now is a great time to try to sell your home!

The following are tips for selling your home:

1. Clear the clutter: minimize the belongings on counter tops and tables

2. Boost curb appeal by sprucing up the lawn, driveway and entrance

3. Consider removing some furniture to help rooms feel more open

At Cornerstone Homes, we specialize in helping adults ages 55+ in downsizing, and “right sizing” into a comfortable active adult lifestyle.  Are you ready for the good life at a Cornerstone Homes Community but need to sell your current home first? No problem.

We’ve thought of everything that makes the process easy and virtually painless and you’ll save some major dollars on discounted fees and services with our team of experts. In 5 easy steps you’ll be enjoying the freedom you’re dreaming of at this very moment.

To get started, visit or contact one of our communities today:

North Carolina
The Orchard Villas Apex – (919) 267-6701
The Villas of Wake forest – (919) 569-0043

The Orchard Villas Roanoke – (540) 977-0238

Pet Therapy Brings Health Benefits

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 20, 2013

Man’s best friend can also be a pretty good home health nurse. Research has shown for a while that bonding with a pet makes many people happy, but newer research is showing that the companionship between you and your pet can bring about more tangible health benefits.

It’s becoming more and more common to see animals used in hospitals, rehab programs, hospice care, and even in senior apartments and nursing homes. Dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and horses have all been used to provide comfort especially for aging people.

Joan Collins, from Richmond, Virginia, lives alone and has had her cat, Havoc, since July 2012. Collins’ granddaughters convinced her that she needed a kitten around, and she has found that living with Havoc has been a great experience.

“The biggest benefit is the company. You can be tired and sit down and the cat crawls up in your lap and loves you. It’s real therapy,” she says. Research has shown that the simple act of petting an animal can be soothing. Although it’s a real job, Collins believes that adopting a pet is well worth it.

Pets can also help prevent depression and loneliness. Having a pet around can make one feel less alone, and bonding with the pet can be relaxing and reduce stress. Feeling unneeded or unwanted is a major cause of depression.

Caring for animals promotes physical activity too. You may get exercise walking a dog regularly, and even simple tasks such as feeding and brushing pets give more activity. All tasks involved in caring for pets involve exercising cognitive skills, which is important for Alzheimer’s patients, too. According to the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), people who own pets are more likely to interact socially with other people than people who do not take care of a pet.

Pets are a big responsibility, however. “Make sure that you’re ready for an animal,” advises Collins. Pets need to be fed, cleaned and walked, so you should talk to your family and friends before adopting one. The good news is many assisted living communities now allow pets, and some even encourage them. If having a pet is important to you, you can find communities that allow pets, or pet therapy programs.

Quality Time for Grandchildren and Grandparents

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 19, 2013

Having time to spend with grandchildren is one of the best parts of retirement!  Below are some tips to maximize your quality time:

1. Ask grandchildren and grandparents what they’d like to do.

Sometimes solving the matter of appropriate activities is as simple as asking the right questions. Older adults are very aware of what their limitations are and so they can identify what activities they feel most comfortable doing. Toddlers and other young children often don’t understand the limitations of grandparents. A grandmother with diabetes may not eat the same kinds of foods that a youngster is used to and a grandfather with arthritis won’t be able to play tag. Explaining the nature of an older adult’s limitations can be very helpful and may spark some creative ideas.

It’s important to select activities that are appealing to both grandparents and grandchildren. Reading books together, listening to a favorite kids’ music CD, or throwing a ball for the family dog to fetch are simple activities that can be enjoyed together.

2. Make together time part of your daily routine

Many older adults have a particular schedule of shopping, doing errands, and exercise; routines are very important and can help support a healthy lifestyle. If possible, consider bringing children along on these excursions. Children can help select produce at the grocery store and will enjoy walking around the block with their grandparents. Light bike riding and speed walking are two other healthy activities that grandparents and grandkids can do together. Some youngsters I’ve met enjoy strolling with their grandparents because it’s easy to keep up with them.

3. Reading together

All kids love having books read to them and grandparents make great storytellers. Select books with a typeface that is large enough to be clearly read; most children’s books have relatively large letters so this shouldn’t be difficult. If a grandparent experiences pain after sitting for a long period of time, make sure to select books that can be finished quickly. Longer books can be marked with a bookmark and returned to at a later date.

A grandparent with sight impairment or difficulty reading aloud may enjoy listening to audio books. Visit your local public library to find audio books appropriate for your child’s reading age. You can usually find children’s audio books in a special section of the library.

4. Have dinner as a family

There are many health conditions that can impact the daily dietary choices of an older adult. As a result dinner at grandma and grandpa’s house may look different than what your kids are used to. Finding common ground between the diet of a young child and the diet of an older adult can be tricky. Planning a family meal well in advance can remove much of the stress that might otherwise surround a dinner together. Make some dishes beforehand or bring certain foods along with you when traveling to the grandparent’s home to help the child feel more comfortable.

Grandparents living in assisted care facilities often eat together in a dining room where special diets can be easily accommodated. It’s usually possible to join your family member for lunch or dinner in the resident dining room if advance notice is given to the management. This is one way to have a nice meal that everyone can enjoy while remaining in an environment that is safe and supportive for elderly family members.

5. Spend the afternoon at a neighborhood park

Parks are great places for grandparents and grandkids to visit together. These spaces are usually very accessible so mobility devices, walkers, and canes can be used on most of the primary park surfaces. If mobility and having a place to sit is a concern for a particular grandparent, look around your city for a park that gives the children ample space to run around and that also has shady areas for grandparents to sit. Bring some snacks and an umbrella and enjoy an afternoon together at the park.

Grandparents want to spend time with the youngest members of their family, no matter how old they get. By taking into consideration the limitations of the grandparents in your family and the needs of the little ones, you can come up with many opportunities for family togetherness.


Upsize Your Life by Right-Sizing at The Villas

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 15, 2013

Active Adult Retirement Communities in Wake Forest and Apex, North Carolina

retirement communities

Declare it’s time to “upsize” your life by right-sizing your home

What does this really mean? Rightsizing means that you are ready to jettison out of your big house with probably more space than you really need now, ditch those yard responsibilities and free yourself of house maintenance chores and expense. It’s time to live in a home that is the RIGHT SIZE for you.

You know what we mean! The upsizing part is having more time and freedom to do the things you want to do…. Traveling, spending time with family/grandchildren, golfing, hobbies or activities you’ve thought about for a long time! Or, at The Villas Community, you can just walk up the street to the Clubhouse and pool and chat with your neighbors or work out in your fitness room! We call it “relaxation central!”

There is no time like now to Upsize your life and start thinking about YOU! And The Villas can deliver!!


At our Epcon Communities in Wake Forest and Apex, you will find an array of stylish and smart home options to suit your style! Practical and efficient, these cutting-edge homes are designed to live large. Multiple ingenious floor plans to choose from, designed to meet the needs of our buyers, are very popular with those that are “right-sizing” and there is no compromising on quality here! Built with high-quality, energy efficient materials, these homes feature single-story living, sunrooms, lots of windows and open space, beautiful kitchens, attached two car garages and patios and courtyards. For those that need a bit more extra space and privacy, we’ve got you covered! At The Villas, you can have a second floor bonus room in a variety of our home styles. On top of all this, there are many extras included in these homes that a lot of builders charge extra for.

Come explore this life for yourself. We encourage you to talk to the folks that live here. They are just like you and they will tell you why they love living at The Villas of Wake Forest and The Orchard Villas in Apex. It’s easy to get used to this life! It’s time you did!


Call today to tour one or both of these unique communities. Or just stop by!

Hours Mon – Sat 10-6; Sun 1-6.

The Villas of Wake Forest 919-569-0043

Orchard Villas Apex 919-267-6701

How to Enjoy Retirement

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 12, 2013

When we move into our home we rarely think, “How will it age with me?”…

–       Will I always be able to easily get around independently; going upstairs and downstairs?

–       How will I be able to keep up with yard work?  Exterior home maintenance?

–       If my spouse or I encounter mobility issues, will we have enough space in our home to navigate throughout the home?  With wheelchairs or walkers?

As we stay busy throughout the years, these questions often don’t get asked until it’s too late.  Chances are if we are inquiring about a walk-in tub or wheelchair ramp – it’s because we now have a need for them.

We have choices – in fact, TOO MANY!

One option is to start the difficult project(s) to modify our current home.  This could require complicated DIY activity to install the necessary mobility equipment, or hiring a contractor or company to outfit the home with what is needed.  These projects can easily cost $$ (think, 5 figures), and may bring down the resale values of our homes – as they are now modified for specialty usages.

Another option is to move into a retirement community.  But not just any retirement community will do…

Cornerstone Homes provide spacious, well-kept neighborhoods with homes designed to age with an active adult lifestyle.  Active Adult Communities are designed and are for adults, ages 55+.

The homes feature modern luxuries with a focus on practical living.  Homes are designed and built with open spaces and floorplans.

Doorways are built wide, which helps moving in and getting new furniture in the house!  Best of all, Cornerstone Homes are single story.

Cornerstone Homes are also maintenance free – so say ‘goodbye’ to yard work!  You can also count on your neighbors yard looking nice and presentable as well, as Cornerstone Homes maintain all landscaping on-site.

So now we can enjoy our retirement!  Have the family over, start those hobbies and projects we’ve always wanted to, and living life like we imagined.

Should an aging crisis occur, our home is prepared to prolong our independence and quality of life.

To start enjoying your retirement, find a Cornerstone Homes Community near you:

In Virginia:

Orchard Villas Roanoke 540-977-0238

In North Carolina

The Villas of Wake Forest 919-569-0043

Orchard Villas Apex 919-267-6701

What is an Active Adult Community?

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 5, 2013

A community that says, forget about spending your Saturday mornings mowing the grass, or cleaning out the gutters; instead take that time to play a round of golf, go swimming, practice yoga, or cuddle up and nap!

Retirement Living Communities, or “Age Restricted” Communities, have been viewed as places those that can no longer care for themselves go to find solace; however, that is far from the truth, especially now adays. Today, choosing a retirement community is like choosing the toppings on a pizza- endless and can be customized to fit the person you are and your needs.

Types of housing communities range from, completely independent (ie-Active Adult Communities) to Skilled Nursing Facilities. Active Adult Communities are developments where folks, typically, ages 55+ can live independently in their own home as far as daily living activities (meals, cleaning and housekeeping, monitoring medications, personal care, etc) are concerned, while the community tends to the upkeep of the exterior of the home, landscaping, and other amenities.

What is an Active Adult Community?

An Active Adult home is built with accessibility and safety in mind, so seniors can “age in place”.

Amenities offered, but not limited to, can include:

  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Walking Trails
  • Cooking Classes
  • Dance, Cardio, Yoga, and Pilates Classes
  • Fitness Centers
  • Spas
  • Tennis Courts
  • Game Rooms

To find out what great amenities await you from Cornerstone Homes, call (804) 484-3242 ext 221.

Cornerstone Homes offers independent living for adults 55+ in North Carolina (Apex & Wake Forest) and Virginia (Roanoke, Christiansburg & Fredericksburg)

Leading the Way with New Design Trends

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 28, 2013

National New Home Design Trends are Found in all Cornerstone Homes!

At the recent 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas many new building and design trends were unveiled. What is so exciting about this news? You can find all these trends in our homes!!! . Here they are…….
1. The most popular cabinets are now off-white and ebony!! Stop by and tour our models in North Carolina and Virginia to see these on display in our models or design centers.

2. Bathrooms – dual vanities and masters with only an oversized luxury shower. We have it and it’s included in the price of your home!

3. First Floor masters and walk in closet! You’ll love our master suites and adjoining luxury bathrooms and large closets!

4. Outdoor living and oversized garages. The best in outdoor living… choose from a private courtyard or a fenced patio. In addition, several models offer a beautiful sunroom. All our homes offer attached oversized garages!! And conveniently located so you only have a few steps to go with those groceries to your kitchen and large pantry!

More… high ceilings, open floor plans, energy efficient building techniques and appliances (saving you money every month!) We have it all!

Home prices continue to rise, and over the past 12 months new home sale prices have increased 1.5 percent, with pre-owned home prices up 3 percent. With affordability at record highs, NOW REALLY IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR NEW PEFECT HOME!!!

(excerpt from HBA of Richmond, Richmond Times Dispatch 2/23/13)

Age Has It’s Privileges

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 28, 2012

It’s true, while there may be some truth in the saying, youth is wasted on the young,” there is no denying the fact that with age comes countless rewards.

One that comes to mind quickly for me is grandchildren. I wouldn’t have thought so when I was young, but through wisdom I have learned to embrace every stage of their growth, for soon it will be just a memory.

Yes, age has its privileges. One that I am most excited about, these day, actually comes to us from the government. You read that right, the government. Fondly known as HECM (Reverse Mortgage). To qualify you (or your co-borrower) must be at least 62 years young. If you are this just may be the program for you.

Here’s how it works – A loan specialist will tell youhow much equity you need to leave in your home, or bring into a new home. There’s no credit check, no income verification, your equity does the talking. After closing on your loan, you never make a house payment… yes I said you never make a house payment. Every month your payment comes from your equity. If you live long enough to out live the terms of your loan, then not only have you been blessed with length of days but you have no worries of losing your home. You retain title.

This isn’t for everyone, but it is for alot of people. Here’s what I love about it: HECM provides a way for those who’ve spent their lives working, raising children and in some instances grandchildren; only to watch the pensions and savings go south, while their expensives go north, enjoy the benefits of their hard work and contribution to society.

If this sounds like it may be just the perfect solution to your mortgage needs, ask our sales staff to connect you with our specialists. Remember, age does have its advantages!

Written by Nanette Overly, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Epcon Communities.

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