Age Has It’s Privileges

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It’s true, while there may be some truth in the saying, youth is wasted on the young,” there is no denying the fact that with age comes countless rewards.

One that comes to mind quickly for me is grandchildren. I wouldn’t have thought so when I was young, but through wisdom I have learned to embrace every stage of their growth, for soon it will be just a memory.

Yes, age has its privileges. One that I am most excited about, these day, actually comes to us from the government. You read that right, the government. Fondly known as HECM (Reverse Mortgage). To qualify you (or your co-borrower) must be at least 62 years young. If you are this just may be the program for you.

Here’s how it works – A loan specialist will tell youhow much equity you need to leave in your home, or bring into a new home. There’s no credit check, no income verification, your equity does the talking. After closing on your loan, you never make a house payment… yes I said you never make a house payment. Every month your payment comes from your equity. If you live long enough to out live the terms of your loan, then not only have you been blessed with length of days but you have no worries of losing your home. You retain title.

This isn’t for everyone, but it is for alot of people. Here’s what I love about it: HECM provides a way for those who’ve spent their lives working, raising children and in some instances grandchildren; only to watch the pensions and savings go south, while their expensives go north, enjoy the benefits of their hard work and contribution to society.

If this sounds like it may be just the perfect solution to your mortgage needs, ask our sales staff to connect you with our specialists. Remember, age does have its advantages!

Written by Nanette Overly, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Epcon Communities.

Stage Your Home – It WILL Sell!!!

Categories: Blog | Posted: December 22, 2011

Today’s buyers want to move right in without having to do a lot of work– they want a “turnkey” home! Buyers are busy and will pay a premium for a home that is in prime condition. Staging will make a difference between your home selling or not, the time it takes and the price you get for your home.

Today, you may not get what you feel you should for your home. In addition to this, it is difficult to think about having to invest fix-up costs and time to prepare your home for sale. However, keep your goal in mind…. which is to sell your house in a difficult market and move on with your life…. to a new and exciting lifestyle and new home!

We’ve seen example after example of folks that did not stage, left their home cluttered with personal collections, pictures and lots of wonderful furniture that had been accumulated over a lifetime. While these things make your house your home, through a buyer’s eye, it is difficult to imagine living in your home when they may focus on your treasures instead of focusing on your house. Plus, less personal property usually gives homes a more spacious feel. Buyers want the most for their money, and bigger is usually better. Decluttering is something most sellers need to do. After removing items, fresh paint and a fresh look, we have seen many of these homes sell right away. Yours will too!!

In short, to close the deal, your home should be spotless and inviting. Follow these simple tips and your home will sell, probably faster and for more profit than you think. You will be one step closer to a carefree lifestyle you deserve.

Joan G., Homeowner

Categories: Testimonials | Posted: September 6, 2011

“Within a few weeks of moving here I got to know a lot of my neighbors. I have made some very close and good friends. We have so many fun events each month that keep me involved and busy – it’s all about community.”

Eileen & Paul, Homeowners

Categories: Testimonials | Posted: September 6, 2011

“Adjusting to life here was so easy. It felt like home from the very first day. We are so happy being at the Orchards!”

Faye & Julian, Homeowners

Categories: Testimonials | Posted: September 6, 2011

“We love the carefree lifestyle! We can now focus on things we want to do!”

Jan S., Homeowner

Categories: Testimonials | Posted: September 6, 2011

“My big house and yard were getting too much to take care of by myself. I love the no worries of yard and house maintenance. I feel very safe here and have made many new friends.”

8 Steps to Successful Retirement!

Categories: Blog | Posted: June 14, 2011

Retirement minus 20:  Ah, you have so much time! Retirement prep in this stage is financial – start saving aggressively.  Seek professional financial help if you can!

Retirement minus 10:  With 10 years to go, your assests are building up and you have allocated them wisely.  Meet with your financial advisor to discuss your retirement savings vs. your imagined retirement lifestyle.  What is your target number?  Check out possible retirement regions, towns & lifestyles.  This will help you with the next important step.

Retirement minus 5:   The happiest retirees are the ones who planned for it.  Now it’s time to get serious! What are your priorities?  Consider climate, region, environment (beach, mountains, etc), Lifestyle (golf, boating, etc), economics, proximity to friends/relatives, full or part time residence.   Keep saving.

Retirement minus 4:   In addition to above, this year start exploring, “what am I going to do in retirement.”

Retirement minus 3:  Continue with all the above.  This may be good time to take a vacation in area you might be considering for retirement.  At minimum try visiting a few neighboring towns or communities.

Retirement minus 2:   Start the downsizing (or “rightsizing”)  process!  Your big home is going to cost you a lot of unnecessary money, so you might think about moving to a new home that’s easier to t ake care of and costs you less in energy and taxes.  That applies especially if you have decided to stay in the area where you now live.

Retirement minus 1:    Check out  active adult communities.  Good places in desireable communities fill up fast, so don’t wait until the day you retire to make a reservation.  Make a last check on your finances and priorities and get ready for retirement.

Blastoff!   Enjoy your retirement.

(excerpt from

Come Home to the Maintenance Free Lifestyle you’ve Dreamed of. It’s time…..

Categories: Blog | Posted: October 14, 2010

Time to enjoy an easy pace and a beautiful place where community comes first and the living is close knit, low stress, and maintenance free. Enjoy the small-town feeling of this unique 108-home development for active adults offering single-story homes, bright and open floor plans, energy efficient construction, lovely landscaping, and pool, clubhouse and fitness center. Why wait for the move that will change your life? You don’t have to with our Own a Villa Today program!

Our Own a Villa Today Program team will help you:

· Prepare & sell your home

· Secure your financing

· “Rightsize” your belongings & organize your move

Community Amenities Include:

· Single-Story Luxury Living

· Clubhouse & Pool

· Fitness Center

· Gourmet Kitchens

· Open Floor Plans

· Sunrooms

· Energy Efficient

· Abundant Storage

· Attached 2-Car Garages


The Villa Life Awaits You in Roanoke and Christiansburg Virginia

Categories: Blog | Posted: October 14, 2010

Active Adults Choose Quality, Convenience and Value for an Exceptional Lifestyle at Cornerstone Home Communities

“Our single-story, maintenance free villa communities have been popular with boomers and active adults since we built our first one in 2000,” said Roger Glover, principal of Cornerstone Homes Development, LLC. “Our market knows what it wants, and people have decided they aren’t waiting to get it. They are taking advantage of a great opportunity to embrace a new and more attractive home and lifestyle. That lifestyle includes easier, more gracious living in a community of peers with all the amenities. We have given them that in our Cornerstone Home communities, and the result is a resort lifestyle that they can enjoy today—and every day!”
Glover goes on to say that they are currently building out communities in Roanoke and Christiansburg. He expects Christiansburg to be sold out by the end of the year, and Roanoke is in the final stages of development.

“We have surpassed most others in this market. We offer the most value by combining quality and affordability, especially at the Villas at Pepper’s Ferry in Christiansburg where we stand out because there are no other communities that come close to offering this kind of lifestyle for active adults.”

Donna Vitaliano, community marketing director of the Villas at Peppers Ferry in Christiansburg, said there are only eight homes left to sell in Pepper’s Ferry. “They are selling so well and are so popular because they offer a winning combination of single-story, well-designed floor plans and a ‘small town,’ neighborly atmosphere that appeal to adults seeking regular and wide-ranging social activities at the pool, fitness center and clubhouse, freedom from outdoor maintenance, and the best of active adult living.

In addition to a desirable floor plan and solid construction, Cornerstone Homes customers find they have bought a home in a true, old-fashioned American neighborhood that offers green spaces, beautifully maintained landscaping, and a lifestyle reminiscent of simpler times. “Residents live among peers who are ready to customize their future and share a zest for and ability to enjoy hobbies, grandchildren, and continuing education,” said Kathy Gentry, community marketing director at Orchard Villas in Roanoke. “They enjoy more of life because they enjoy each other and they aren’t burdened with the hassles and expense of owning a big house and yard.”

She adds that Cornerstone Homes communities are designed to be small and cohesive, with tree-lined streets, sidewalks, park benches and walking trails. Monthly book clubs, barbeques, classes in the clubhouse and fitness center, and enriching discussions by the pool further a sense of community and support the common goals of enjoying a rewarding lifestyle. “As well, those who are working and planning for retirement enjoy getting a jump on the life they envision. Cornerstone Homes have proven to be a good investment on a number of levels,” Gentry said.”

And to make the transition easier for home buyers, Cornerstone Homes offers the Own a Villa Today Program. “The program is designed to make the transition from your old home to your new one in the Villas completely stress free,” said Gentry. “It provides assistance with everything from selling your home to downsizing to moving in. There is no reason to wait.”


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“We love the security we feel in the closeness of this community.  Everyone here looks out for each other, making it more enjoyable to leave home to travel as well as come home to a family of friends!”

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