When the Time to Move Becomes the Time of Your Life

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Clock Desk Home Office Time to Rightsize

You wake up in the morning to a quiet home. You slowly make your way down the stairs, fix a cup of coffee, and enjoy the morning paper. You take a deep breath…ahhhh. 

When you’re recently retired and your children have moved out, either to college or to start a family of their Private Courtyard Covered Patio Outdoor Spaceown, you can take the time to enjoy a morning routine – and you deserve it! While these peaceful daily moments are some you truly enjoy, you can’t help but wonder if there are some moments in the routine that could be eliminated (cleaning empty bedrooms, keeping up with landscaping – those mundane chores that come with owning a family home.) If any of this sounds familiar, you may find yourself revisiting one all-encompassing thought: it’s time for the next chapter in your life!



If you think you may be in the position to downsize your home, Cornerstone Homes wants to introduce you to “right-sizing.”


right·size verb gerund or present participle: right-sizing

the process of moving into a home that’s absolutely perfect for your lifestyle and your future.

Used in a sentence: Moving to a home with less square footage isn’t about giving anything up, but enhancing your life and gaining everything in the process of right-sizing.


Like you, many of our homeowners decided it was time to get rid of their big house and yard, and move into a one-story home that provides better living for the present and the future. No maintenance means more freedom to do what you want to do! Finally, you can embark on an exciting new adventure called rightsizing your life, where it’s all about you.


Did you know that about 42% of pre-retirees are in the midst of right-sizing? Today, many factors drive adults to realize that this big move is undeniably the right one. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to start this next chapter (and we don’t blame you!), take a look at our Right-Sizing Quiz to decide whether a smaller home with universal design will offer you the greatest opportunities:


Are You Ready to Right-Size?


  1. With your children off to college, do you find that you have extra space that you don’t want or use? 
  2. Are you tired of high utility bills for an old house?
  3. Do you despise carrying your heavy laundry up the stairs?
  4. Did you just become a grandparent? Do you want to spend more time with your new little loved one?
  5. Does continuing to get on a ladder to clean out the gutters make you shudder?
  6. Are there two many unchecked boxes on your bucket list?
  7. Do you find that the clutter in your home is making your life more complicated than you want it to be?
  8. Are you ready to simplify your life, and enjoy the things that you love the most?


If you said a resounding “yes” to several of these questions, you might be the perfect candidate to right-size! Congratulations — this process is a wonderful journey that will lead you to your forever home. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we cover everything you need to know about the steps of this process, and how Cornerstone Homes will help you along the way.
Right-sizing is not just about space and square footage; it’s an approach to living. Doing what’s best for you and your lifestyle will result in a happier and more fulfilling experience. We can’t wait to partner with you as you move into the RIGHT SIZE home for you!





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Ways to Utilize Your Private Outdoor Space

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It’s time to kiss chores, home maintenance, and a boring task list goodbye. In a Cornerstone home, your life is all about freedom! Here, the only schedule you have to follow is the one you make for yourself. In your spacious private courtyard, you’ll discover the true meaning of sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Covered Patio Cornerstone HomesDid you know that every Cornerstone Homes floor plan comes with this wide open, gorgeous space? No matter which home you love the most, you’re guaranteed to receive an incredible outdoor oasis – whether it’s a private courtyard or covered patio- free of extra upgrade charges.


From decorating, to growing plants, to throwing courtyard parties, there are infinite ways to have a blast in your outdoor sapce. This summer, enjoy the happiest season of all and get inspired by a few of our favorite things to do in these special spots:


Decorate Until You Drop

Unleash your inner designer and beautify your space! There’s nothing more fun than putting a personal touch on your gorgeous courtyard or covered patio. When it comes to furniture, comfort is key. Whether you go for a dining or sofa set, make sure that your seating is comfy (for prime relaxation, of course). If you love patterns and colors in an open space, opt for an area rug that lets your personality shine.


Matching pillows and small pieces of decor, like a vase, will add pops of life to the space. A big patio umbrella will keep you nice and cool while you lounge during the day, and string lights will keep the good vibes going at night.


Grow Your Garden

Courtyard Gardening Garden Planting

Container gardening is all the rage, and we’re head over heels in love! Give pops of life and color to your space with your favorite bright fruit or flowers grown in trendy planters like metal and cedar. You’ll love looking at the creations that you grow yourself. The perfect decoration and size for a small space, container gardens are a fun and contemporary way to accessorize your courtyard.


If you love the Corner Patch Gardens in your Cornerstone Homes community, why not create a “mini” version in your own courtyard or patio? From size and shape, to color and pattern, there are so many varieties of containers for your plants that you can choose to make your space as pretty as can be. Make sure to ask Sean the gardener for growing tips at our “Ask the Farmer” events!


Time to Yourself

Private Courtyard Covered Patio Outdoor Space

In your comfortable courtyard, you have all the time in the world to relax and unwind. Whenever you want to slow down and take a few moments to yourself, your private space is always available. Sit outside and catch up on your favorite book, do a crossword puzzle, sip on a delicious cup of coffee, make a scrapbook, sew, or work on a new craft, write a poem, or even just sit quietly and enjoy the gorgeous Virginia weather.


The privacy of your outdoor space ensures that it is entirely yours, where you’re free to do whatever you wish. There are so many things to do in your Cornerstone Homes community, and your private courtyard or covered patio will be a great place to think, recharge, and feel incredibly grateful!


Get the Party Started

Courtyard Party Hopping

The sun’s shining, cocktails are pouring, and the music’s playing… In a Cornerstone Homes community, your life is a party! What better way to celebrate retirement with all of your friends and neighbors than with an outdoor get-together? Host a courtyard party in your own backyard, head to your neighbor’s, or go courtyard hopping!


In the last few months of summer, take advantage of the season by spending time outside. Play party games with your neighbors, enjoy tasty appetizers, discover a design tip from someone else’s home, meet a new neighbor that just moved in, and sip your favorite drink under the stars.


Rearrange Your Furniture for Yoga

Courtyard Yoga

Head out to your courtyard and move your furniture to create a wide open space to set down your yoga mat. A calming yoga session is a great way to jump-start your day and unwind in the afternoon. Aside from the many physical health benefits of this practice, yoga also keeps you feeling happy and confident.


If you like to practice yoga with a video tutorial, prop your computer up on an elevated piece of furniture, like a side table. And of course, if you enjoy yoga with friends, moving your furniture will give you enough space to host a group. Namaste 🙏


BBQ With Your Family

Courtyard Dinner meal BBQ

There’s nothing like a meal shared with family, so why not have everyone over for a classic summer BBQ in your private space? Everyone will love gathering and having a comfortable spot to eat, share memories, and laugh all night long. As the evening turns into night, turn on string lights to set the mood.


Your family will always look forward to coming to your incredible courtyard or covered patio for delicious food and great company. You can even make it a tradition! In the spring, summer, and fall, have seasonal meals that your family will cherish all year long.


In your Cornerstone home and community, time is yours to do whatever you wish! Your home’s private outdoor space is designed to enrich your days by giving you a gorgeous retreat to make your own. From designing, to spending time alone doing your favorite hobby, to hosting family and friends, your courtyard or covered patio is your safe haven for all of your dreams and pastimes.



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Things to Do on a Rainy Day

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A rainy day can be a gift! In a Cornerstone Homes community, you always have so many options to have a great time, even when you can’t be outdoors at the pool or our Corner Patch Gardens. Rest assured that your days will be packed with things to do, rain or shine!


In the Community & In the Clubhouse


Our communities are designed for you to “retreat” whenever you want. Head over to your exclusive fitness center, where you have all of the top-notch equipment you want right at your fingertips!

Cornerstone Homes Fitness Center

  • Get your blood flowing on the elliptical or treadmill while watching your favorite TV show. A little entertainment makes your workout that much more fun!
  • Take a class that you’ve always wanted to try. Have you always been fascinated by yoga, excited about zumba, or interested in learning about lifting weights? Dive into an awesome class and find a new workout that you love!
  • Did you know that our walking trails are still just as scenic during a light rain? Grab your umbrella and take a stroll! You and your grandkids will love feeding the ducks under the lake pavilion.




In your community’s spectacular clubhouse, activity awaits at all times!

Community Clubhouse Cornerstone Homes

  • What better thing to do after a workout than enjoy a delicious meal from a gourmet kitchen?
  • Sit back and relax in a luxurious lounge area, where you can finish your favorite book, watch TV, sip a cocktail, or just enjoy your neighbors’ company!
  • If you enjoy organized events and clubs, from book and movie clubs to social gatherings like game nights, you’ll love the packed calendar. Whether you want a day to yourself or an evening filled with friends and laughter, your clubhouse gives you the option for both during a rainy day.


In the Comfort of Your Own Home


Of course, there are so many fun things to do from the comfort of your Cornerstone home when the weather keeps you inside. With a little inspiration, there’s an indoor adventure waiting for you right around the corner!


  • Have a classic movie marathon with your friends! Set out a fun spreadCornerstone Homes of old-fashioned candy to turn your home into the movie theater you loved as a child (Charleston Chew, Cherry Slices, 100 Grand) and cozy up by the screen to revisit timeless movies. “Singin’ in the Rain,” anyone? What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again…
  • Cuddle up with your favorite book on your covered patio or sunroom and watch the rain fall. The cool breeze and calming sounds provide the perfect ambiance to dive into a story. 
  • Shop until you drop — on the internet! Get all of your birthday and holiday shopping done, or treat yourself to a new shoes, or even a new vacation! Spend the rainy day planning your next trip to sunny beaches and take advantage of our Lock & Leave motto!
  • Cornerstone Homes Rainy Day HomeThe golden age of TV is here and you have so much to watch! Binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show in your pajamas with a blanket and some tasty snacks. There’s no better time than a rainy day!
  • You have a luxurious master bathroom, so why not pamper yourself?Bathroom Cornerstone Homes Deep condition your hair, give yourself a pedicure or facial, and enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in your at-home spa.
  • Your grandkids may already know about iPhones and social media, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy the hobbies you loved at their age. Keep communication strong and genuine through hand-written letters! Your grandkids will never forget the feeling of finding your letter in the mail and reading your personalized, heartfelt notes.
  • Ywine tastingou never have to “wine”about a rainy day! If you’re feeling spontaneous and fun, grab your umbrella and meet at one of your neighbors’ homes for an impromptu wine tasting! Red, white, and everything in between.


It’s raining, it’s pouring, but the day doesn’t have to be boring! Along with all that can be done in and around your community, and in your Cornerstone home, you always have the option to simply pause and take a breath — and do nothing.


Take a break and remind yourself that there’s nothing better than this carefree lifestyle in your Cornerstone community, rain or shine! Now is the time to relax and enjoy each moment; you finally have the chance to experience all that the simple things in life have to offer.

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Now is the Time to Travel in Virginia!

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If you had the chance to go anywhere… where would you go? One of the greatest parts about retirement is finally getting to travel to those special places that you’ve been thinking about for years. In a Cornerstone Homes community, we encourage every single one of our residents to live their dream life, and this includes having the freedom to lock and leave your home without worrying about your home maintenance or security. Our close-knit communities also give you the opportunity to form fantastic friendships with your neighbors, giving you the perfect travel buddies!

There’s no better place than Virginia to relax and sightsee! Check out our suggestions for the best places to visit in our beautiful state, that are just a short distance away from our communities!

Staycation Season in VA

Located on the southeastern VA coast where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is a stunning spot to spend a weekend. With gorgeous, relaxing beaches, a lively boardwalk, and great shops and restaurants, there are a wide variety of things to do here! Whether you want to relax on the beach, stroll the boardwalk, take a fishing tour or listen to your favorite band while soaking in the salty air, Virginia Beach truly has it all.

Situated on the Virginia peninsula between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean far away from clutter and noise, Bay Creek Resort in Cape Charles is the ultimate leisurely getaway. Experience the peace and calm of one of the country’s most beautiful beach and golf resorts. Whether you want to relax on a private beach, play a round of golf on a world-class course, or lounge in a state-of-the-art clubhouse, Bay Creek is waiting for you!

Extending along the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park is truly a sight to see. With opportunities to camp, hike, fish, bike, or simply just relax, SNP is a must for any real nature lover. Experience Virginia like you never have before with breathtaking views that will stay with you forever.

If you’re a history buff, Shirley Plantation is the place for you! Take a trip to another time and experience one of Virginia’s greatest museum attractions. With over 700 acres nestled along the James River, this plantation is America’s oldest farm! Check out the “flying staircase” and its gorgeous hand-carved structures for a wonderful day out celebrating history.

Open year-round, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond is an incredible place to explore. You’re sure to unlock a love for art here! Discover exhibitions from past centuries as well as modern art to pique your own creativity. Perfect for a local day trip with friends or by yourself, this museum will have you feeling artistic!

What better place to bask in the most beautiful season than Maymont? Located in Richmond, this scenic sanctuary is perfect for families of all sizes. Go on a private animal adventure, stroll through the grounds and gardens, or have a picnic at this gorgeous estate! This attraction is the ideal place to spend time with your friends.

See Richmond in the most beautiful view with Riverfront Historical Canal Cruises! Learn about Virginia’s rich history with a guided tour of the James River and the Kanawha Canal. Enjoy the gorgeous outdoors and all that springtime has to offer with your family and friends. The greatest views are right in your backyard…

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe in the importance of care-free living, and we want all of our residents to experience this kind of leisure. Part of this involves the ability to experience incredible things with virtually no travel! When you live in one of our communities, great attractions are right at your fingertips. Feel free to spread your wings and experience the best of the best!


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Featured Floor Plan: The Caroline

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Cornerstone Homes The Caroline Home Floor Plan Barley Woods

Why wait? Our new model home is open NOW!

Cornerstone Homes is excited to unveil our brand new Caroline model home at Barley Woods, our premier 55+ community in Fredericksburg. Our interior designer recently put their finishing touch on this gorgeous home.  We can’t wait for you to come and take a peek!

The Caroline Floor Plan Cornerstone Homes

Available to be built in Barley Woods and The Cove, the Caroline is one of three floor plans in our Paired Home Collection, inspired by the spectacular, traditional courtyards of Europe. Warm, stylish, and intimate, this design is one to fall in love with.

Living Dining room Cornerstone Homes.   Kitchen Cornerstone Homes Barley Woods



The Caroline Floor Plan Sun Room Truly unique, the Caroline possesses old world charm and romanticism. A central courtyard can be seen from the great room, kitchen, and flex room, flooding these areas with sunlight and scenery. Choose between a spacious covered patio or sunroom, and spend your afternoons enjoying a great book with your favorite refreshing drink in hand.



In the Caroline, you’ll also enjoy a fireplace in the great room, a spectacular private owner’s suite with a The Carolineluxurious bath and plenty of closet space, a cook’s kitchen with a large kitchen island, private guest space, and flexible rooms that can be personalized to fit your lifestyle. Have you always wanted a home office or a media room? We can make it happen!


With an abundance of space, luxurious rooms, and the highest-quality building materials, your family and guests will always feel as comfortable as can be. The Caroline is a must-see! 




Cornerstone Homes Corner Patch Gardens: Why Settle For Canned Amenities?

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Corner Patch GardensIn our Cornerstone Homes communities, every day is a chance to explore the beauty of your free time. In our age-restricted, maintenance-free communities, our top priority is life on your terms, so we’re always finding fresh and fun ideas to ensure that your next chapter is the best it can be.


We’re happy to introduce our newest amenity exclusive to Cornerstone Homes: the Corner Patch Gardens! You can find these vibrant patches in The Cove, The Villas at Magnolia Lakes, and coming soon to The Villas at Ashlake and Barley Woods. There are many ways to enjoy these gorgeous gardens where tasty treats grow year-round, and we think you’ll agree!


Earth, Water, and Wow

With a little dirt and a little water, a little magic grows right before your eyes. Here’s a peak at what blooms in the Corner Patch Gardens from April to September:


tomato corner patch gardensTomatoes

An absolute classic, there’s nothing like the rich taste of a juicy, ripe tomato. Pair freshly-cut tomatoes with avocados and creamy burrata on garlic toast for a tasty and crunchy appetizer!




Pepperspepper corner patch garden pizza

Bright and beautiful, peppers add an incredible flair to many dishes. Have a homemade pizza night and top dough with red onions, goat cheese, arugula, and of course, deliciously-charred peppers.





Crunchy, light, and refreshing, cucumbers are the perfect snack or complement to a meal. Have you ever put cucumbers in your pasta? Add thinly-sliced cukes to penne with minimal ingredients like garlic salt, pepper, and parsley flakes, and feel your taste buds fly!



Squashsquash fritter corner patch gardens

Loaded with nutrients, squash is a superfood that we can’t get enough of. Try crunchy and delicious butternut squash fritters! All you’ll need is shredded squash, flour, eggs, sage, and vegetable oil.



eggplant corner patch garden



Absolutely delicious when grilled on the BBQ, eggplant is the perfect appetizer or meal side at your next summer dinner party. Add a little butter, garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and pepper to make it magical!



Nothing brings us back to childhood quite like watermelon. This juicy and refreshing fruit tastes just like sweet, sweet summertime. Tomato, watermelon, and feta skewers with mint and lime is the perfect primer to any summer meal.







Adding unbeatable flavor to just about any dish, we always love to have basil on hand! You can never go wrong with the simple summer staple of mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad.


Oreganooregano corner patch garden

Tasty to sprinkle on a variety of foods, from meat, to vegetables, to pizza, oregano is one of our favorites. Create a dressing with lemon juice, oregano, garlic, salt, and pepper to pour over grilled chicken for a rich and flavorful dinner that everyone will love!



Stay tuned for next season’s plantings! Another tasty lineup awaits…


There’s truly something special about cooking freshly-picked, locally-grown food into your favorite dishes. Because the gardens are professionally-managed, you can choose between enjoying fresh, delicious produce without any of the work, or you can dig in and volunteer! It’s completely up to you.

Nature and Neighbors

Farmer Sean Corner Patch GardensTake a stroll to Corner Patch Gardens to relax and watch everything grow, or share a cold beverage and catch up with a neighbor on the picnic tables under the shade of the pergola. Don’t forget to attend our monthly Garden Social Mixers, where our professional farmer picks produce from the garden, cooks sample dishes that (almost) turn anyone into a vegetarian, and learn about fantastic, healthy, seasonal recipes! It’s “sow” much fun!


There’s so much to talk about when it comes to gardening, eating healthy, incorporating herbs and wellness into your daily routine, and flower arrangements, just to name a few. The list goes on and on! Neighbors gather to form groups, clubs, recipe exchanges, and much more! The fun never stops.


Corner Patch Gardens is truly a one-of-a-kind amenity enjoyed by all. Stop by and see what all the buzz is about!


8 Reasons to Love Cornerstone Homes

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Cornerstone Homes provides spectacular communities and homes that you’ll love coming back to every single day. Single-story and low-maintenance, our homes are built to enhance your lifestyle. Spend your days at resort-style pools, sip coffee in your private courtyard, and enjoy weekends away knowing that your home is taken care of.

At a Cornerstone Homes community, you get to live life on your terms, on your own time, and exactly how you’ve always wanted. Below are our top eight reasons to love Cornerstone Homes:


1. A Community Where Friends Become Family

Retirement is a great time to connect with neighbors and cultivate friendships. Here, an abundance of amenities and activities mean a lively social life! Whether it’s our morning coffee hours or communal grilling areas, gourmet kitchens, and fire pits, there are plenty of chances to engage with new friends with interests of all kinds.


2. One with Nature

The opportunities for peaceful, outdoor serenity in our communities are endless. Boxwell Glade Park, located in Barley Woods, is a green oasis with a creekside walking trail, exercise trail, dog park, and orchard. Not to mention, our community gardening clubs and Corner Patch Gardens get you outside and socializing with neighbors as you claim your own little piece of nature with your favorite vegetables, flowers, and more.


3. The Outdoors are CallingCornerstone Homes Private Courtyard

All of our floor plans offer private outdoor living spaces and an abundance of natural light. Enjoy your morning coffee with the sun on your cheeks… it tastes better this way! Not to mention, cocktails are pretty fabulous when enjoyed under the stars. Perfect for privacy or when you want to spend time with friends, our outdoor living gives you the chance to relax like never before.




4. Live Healthy, Live Well

When you love your surroundings and your neighbors, working out becomes fun. We promote a healthy lifestyle by providing countless opportunities to stay active! With luxurious clubhouses, fitness centers and classes, resort-style pools, surrounding walking trails, and more, you’ll look forward to working on the exercises you love best on your own or with your friends!


5. Lock and Leave


You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and now is the time to enjoy your success! Less work means more time to travel and explore, so we’ve made our homes maintenance-free to give you the ability to lock and leave without worry. We’ll take care of your yard work and keep your home safe, guaranteed. Start checking off your wish list of things to do and places to see!


6. Built for YOU!

We believe that you’re not downsizing from your previous home, but “right-sizing” to fit your lifestyle. Our homes feature convenient single-level living without sacrificing the ability to have family and guests over! From expandable great rooms, spacious outdoor living areas, and unique flex spaces, you can get the most of your home without additional work!

Ducal Cornerstone Homes  Ducal Cornerstone Homes bedroom


7. Near and Dear to Big Cities

In addition to having everyday conveniences, homeowners also have the option to spend time in close-by cities. Enjoy one-of-a-kind shops, award-winning restaurants, and world-class museums and entertainment with just a short drive from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to spend a night in the city or a day exploring town with your grandkids, you can do it.


8. With Us, It’s Personalcornerstone homes team

We have a passion for creating lasting and comfortable communities where you will feel just as special the day you first visit as the day you unpack your last box in your new home. We’ll be with you through the entire process, answering all questions and taking care of everything to make buying your new home an incredible experience!




The best is yet to come, and it starts right here! You’re not just buying a new home, you’re starting the greatest chapter of your life. That’s why Cornerstone Homes provides features and amenities that make your days all about enjoying the things you love with your loved ones.

To learn more about our communities in Virginia and building your dream home, please visit our webpage, or fill out our contact form!



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The Best Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Virginia

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Fireworks, BBQ’s, hot dogs, parades… These have been constant since America’s founding in 1776! Of course, it took until 1941 for congress to declare the date a national holiday, but we sure know how to celebrate! 


If you look forward to wearing red, white, and blue all year, there’s no better place than patriotic Virginia to celebrate our wonderful country on July 4th! At home or close by, there are many ways to celebrate!


First, you can’t beat a good old fashioned poolside party with friends and neighbors, or a cookout with family in your courtyard! Our homeowners know how to throw a 4th of July party, that’s for sure!  More food than you can imagine, music, decorations, and who knows, maybe some fireworks in the sky! All just steps away from your home.


If you are ready to venture out and be adventuresome, there is a multitude of events that you can attend that are close by or a short drive. You have options!


This summer, get ready for the best festivals, carnivals, concerts, and fireworks around. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and the Nation’s capital! Grab the grandkids and take off!


Spotsylvania Stars and Stripes Spectacular

On June 30th, head to the Spotsylvania Courthouse to enjoy live music, delicious food, and fireworks with the whole family! With four concert stages, incredible food and business vendors, historic building tours, children’s rides, and so much more, you and your family will be entertained all day long.


Heritage Festival

Scenic and charming Fredericksburg is hosting an all-day event on the 4th! A five-mile run kicks off the Heritage Festival, followed by an incredible parade. Your grandkids will enjoy activities just for them, including face painting, a moon bound, a photo booth, and more. Live music, historic tours, and fireworks complete this fun festival!


Chesterfield County Fairgrounds

On the 4th from 5 to 9 PM, revel in the magic of a spectacular fireworks display at dark! At the scenic Chesterfield County Fairgrounds, you and your family will enjoy children’s activities, food vendors, and unique entertainment. Make sure to bring comfortable lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the coolest fireworks you’ve ever seen!


Music and Fireworks at Dogwood Dell

If you love live music, there’s no greater place for the 4th than Dogwood Dell! Hear incredible music by the Richmond Concert Band with Carillon bells, followed by beautiful fireworks. This family-friendly event is completely free! The concert will begin at 7:30 PM, and the fireworks will begin at dusk.


A Game at The Diamond

The Diamond, home of the Richmond Flying Squirrels, hosts one of the biggest and longest fireworks displays in town. If you and your grandkids love America’s pastime, head down to the ballpark on July 4th and enjoy a baseball game in the warm air. The tastiest snacks and most exciting entertainment will be in abundance. At the end of the game, enjoy incredible fireworks!


Star Spangled Celebration

From June 30th to July 4th, bring your grandkids to the Star Spangled Celebration at Kings Dominion! This incredible theme park will be completely filled with red, white, and blue all weekend to get you into the spirit! Enjoy amazing performances from local military bands, magical fireworks, and of course, your favorite rides. Active and retired military, as well as veterans with honorable or medical discharge are admitted for free!


Ashland Celebration

Ashland Parade Cornerstone Homes

Over 100 years old, this incredible celebration speaks to why Ashland is a “great small town to live in.” Around 20,000 visitors will enjoy old-fashioned fun with a walking parade, live music, delicious food, lawn games, a patriotic pet contest, and of course, an apple pie contest (as American as it gets!)


Celebrations in D.C.

Both Fredericksburg and Richmond offer a close proximity to our nation’s cornerstone homes 4th of julycapital, where the celebrations always reach new heights! From the annual National Independence Day Parade, to stunning fireworks along the D.C. skyline and memorials, to a Potomac River Cruise, you can take your pick of memorable, one-of-a-kind activities in our country’s capital.


No matter what your plans are, enjoy your family and friends and a relaxing day! Happy Birthday America!!!



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Corner Patch Garden Event

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We recently held our first Corner Patch Garden social mixer! Things got off to a hopping start as homeowner hands were busy harvesting kale, swiss chard, a variety of lettuces, sugar snaps, and more. After they washed the veggies, our farmer/garden coach/chef, Sean Sheppard, began to prepare some culinary delights!

The yummy highlights included Stuffed Leeks right off of the skillet! The stuffing was made from leeks, mushrooms, cream cheese, and a few other ingredients. This specific preparation of leeks is mind-blowing! Next was Asian Stir Fry, in which Sean chopped all the ingredients the homeowners just picked, and added a few carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, olive oil, and soy sauce. Sauteed to perfection, the stir fry was a crunchy, healthy veggie dish that you can make in your own kitchen!


Another crowd favorite was Carrot Top Pesto. That’s right, pesto made from the tops of carrots with just a little bit of basil thrown in. We dipped fresh broccoli and cauliflower into the mix. So economical and tasted wonderful. 

More cooking continued while the sun went down and we made Mojitos with fresh mint. Pro tip: don’t put too much salt in the shaker! 🙂 Everyone mingled and enjoyed watching and sampling Sean’s creations, while learning tips about growing our own food and healthy eating. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, the smell of wonderful cooking, and camaraderie.


It was a great evening in the Corner Patch Garden. Everyone went home with bags of fresh produce, new recipes, and information on the next event at the garden. What could be better than having fresh veggies delivered to the clubhouse for your personal use, and gathering in the gardens with your neighbors for healthy, delicious eating, and fellowship? Take advantage of this unique amenity! Grow — Gather — Repeat!
To become a Corner Patch Gardener, and a Cornerstone Homes homeowner, please visit our communities, or fill out our contact form!


Team Member Moment: Janet

Categories: Blog | Posted: May 30, 2018

The Cornerstone Homes team believes that nothing is more fulfilling than guiding our homebuyers through one of the greatest journeys of their lives. Working with our team is the warm welcome to an exhilarating new chapter in your life!

There’s no one that encompasses Cornerstone Homes’ passion better than our Team Member of the Month, Janet Davis, our wonderful Sales Manager for our 55+ Barley Woods community in Fredericksburg.  She joined our team in 2013 and sold out two of our communities in North Carolina. During this time, Janet bravely fought a battle with breast cancer, however, she never missed a beat with the work that she loved and came out stronger than ever.  A survivor, sales superstar, and certified sweetheart, Janet packed up and moved to Fredericksburg to join our team once again. She was involved in the initial phases of the new home designs in Barley Woods and loves seeing everyone’s reaction when they walk into the models.  “The first words are usually “Oh Wow!” They love the uniqueness of these plans.” Janet is extremely excited to work with potential homeowners at Barley Woods! 

The home building real estate industry is in her blood. Janet began her career in real estate around 40 years ago working for a custom home builder. She says that her favorite part about working with Cornerstone Homes is watching buyers attain their forever home: “It thrills me to see what they imagined come to fruition. My reward is definitely seeing their happiness.”

When she’s not helping clients achieve their dreams, Janet loves interior designing, sewing, and upholstery. She also loves being active and involved in her community in any way that she can! One thing that people don’t know about her is that she’s a concert singer and served as the Choir Director of her Church.

Janet, proud mother of three and grandmother of six, goes through each day with a motto in mind: “I try to live all of life’s experiences with an eye towards being the very best I can be and with everything being positive for me and all those around.” Her positivity is infectious to everyone around her, from the Cornerstone Homes team to our happy homeowners! Janet’s experience in customer service and genuine kindness are two of the easiest things to notice when you meet her.

Needless to say, we truly love working with Janet at Cornerstone Homes. We’re so happy to have you, Janet! For more information on our Barley Woods community, please visit our webpage, or call Janet at  540-699-3009.


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