At Ashlake, there’s always something new under the sun!

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Not only do you get a maintenance-free home and an amazing, friendly community when you move to the Villas at Ashlake, but you also get nuggets of wisdom. Keep reading to learn!

Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel, an important French physicist, explained how we can generate electricity from sunlight in 1839.  He’s the father of modern solar energy, discovering the photovoltaic effect, the operating principle of the solar cell. And finally, 175 years and decades of experimentation later, we have technology that can efficiently harness the power of the sun!


Why does this matter?

Because everything we do uses tons of electricity – and it costs a lot of money. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and the U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world! Modern technology can harness solar energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity, providing light, and heating water.


By using solar power, you can reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint. And at the Villas of Ashlake, we’re helping you do just that – by installing a solar energy system!


What does solar power mean to you?

  • You’ll start saving the very first day of your system’s operation. How high is your current electric bill? You can expect to save around $90 a month from your solar energy system at Ashlake!


  • You can claim a one-time tax credit equal to 30% of your system’s cost. For example, on a $15,000 solar energy system, you’d be entitled to $4,500 in tax credits. Cha-ching!


  • When you purchase your home, it’s easy to finance your solar energy system through your mortgage.


  • Homes with a solar energy system provide more reliable power and have a better resale value in the Richmond market.


  • Your solar energy system will reduce your carbon footprint by lowering demand for electricity from coal or gas-fueled energy plants.



If want to learn more about how the solar energy system at Ashlake will work, please call Tom Gancsos at 804.347.4253.

Getting to know your team… Site Construction Superintendent, Mike Matchette

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Cornerstone Homes is excited to introduce Mike Matchette, our Site Construction Superintendent at Barley Woods. Mike comes to us with over 30 years of experience in the home construction industry!


As our Site Construction Superintendent, Mike plays a vital role in the complete building process, including overseeing the daily construction activities for each home, maintaining building and safety standards, and working closely with our trade partners to maintain our high-quality building practices.


Mike will also be meeting and getting to know each and every Barley Woods homeowner at multiple scheduled construction meetings during the building process of your home.  He will make sure you are  familiar with and in love with every aspect of your new home!


“I’m excited to meet with our homeowners at the first pre-construction meeting,” Mike says. “I love to listen to their life experiences, and give them peace of mind, from start to finish, and beyond! This is an exciting phase of their lives and moving into a new home is exciting! ”


In his spare time, Mike enjoys trail riding on his ATV, metal detecting for artifacts, and visiting the many historical places in Fredericksburg and the rest of Virginia. 

Outdoor Living is Good for the Soul

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There’s no doubt that spending time with mother nature is beyond beneficial. Most studies show that time spent outdoors improves physical, mental and social wellbeing. At any Cornerstone Homes community in Virginia, it’s not hard to find reasons to get outside! If you strive to live a longer, happier, and healthier life, now is the time to embrace your inner Davey Crockett and the great outdoors at one of our communities!


At Cornerstone Homes, we’ve long understood the importance of nature and access to it. All of our communities provide plenty of opportunity to access the outdoors – pools, walking trails, lakes, or gardens. Homeowners at Cornerstone Homes enjoy plenty of benefits from time spent outside!


  • Physical benefits. Activities such as gardening, walking, or swimming are good for joint flexibility and strengthening muscles and your cardiovascular system. Doing these activities outdoors can lower inflammation levels associated with hypertension, autoimmune diseases and depression. Forget city living! If you want to feel better and improve your health, move to a place with tons of green space (like one of our communities!)


  • Mental benefits. Physical activity that takes place in a natural setting improves the memory, increases cognitive function, and has a restorative effect overall. 30 minutes or more of gardening in one of our gardens, or even just sitting in the sun at the clubhouse and soaking up some Vitamin D can have a significant effect on moods, stress levels, and mental health. If being happy and smart is as easy as a few moments in the sun, just hand us a bottle of sunscreen and meet us outside.


  • Social benefits. Spending time with good friends is always a great mood booster, but doing so outside comes with a slew of additional benefits! It creates a sense of community, and is the perfect remedy for those days when you may be feeling a little lonely. A group stroll, a card game by the pool, and an afternoon spent in the garden are great for exercising the mind and body, and are easy to find at a Cornerstone Homes community! As they say, the good things in life are better together!


Residents of Cornerstone Homes’ communities enjoy all of these advantages, plus so many others. We are truly dedicated to creating a happier, healthier way of life for every member of our community.



5 Reasons You’ll LOVE Single Level Living!

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At Cornerstone Homes, we’ve cornered the market on attractive, well-designed single level homes. All of our homes have the primary living space on one level, with some models having an option second floor bonus room. They offer 2 or 3 bedrooms, plenty of open space, and a level of comfort you won’t believe. Take a look at some of the benefits of single-level living:

  • Easier to navigate. The best thing about single level living: everything you need is on one floor! No more endless trips up and down the stairs, and no more forgetting that thing you needed from the master bedroom because it took so long to get there. Ah, sweet convenience!
  • Have you, a family member, or your sweet Maltese Max ever tripped up on the staircase? Single level living means no worries about you or your loved ones missing a step. And no need to haul laundry or luggage up and down the stairs!
  • Open space. Our one-story homes include lots of open living space. Rooms have high ceilings, lots of windows, and flow easily into one another – without an unsightly staircase to ruin the view.
  • Easy to clean. If you could pick your least favorite chore, what would it be? Would it include cleaning the awkward crevices of your staircase? Or lugging your heavy vacuum and clunky cleaning supplies from floor to floor? Not anymore!
  • Everyday life. Taking a shower and your spouse decides to run the dishwasher? Don’t yell at them from the upstairs bathroom. Yell from the same floor so they hear you better!

With all these benefits, you’ll wish you’d switched to single level living years ago!

Ashlake Preview Event: New Sales Office Reveal!

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 28, 2017

Cornerstone Homes will be hosting a Community Preview Event for our new boutique 55+ living community, The Villas at Ashlake! This event will take place this Saturday, March 4th from 1-5 pm at the new sales center, located at Winterpock Crossing Shopping Center, 6637 Lake Harbor Drive in Midlothian, Virginia. The sales office will be open daily! Please join us to preview amenities, floor plans and pre-construction pricing.

Visitors will also get a special preview of the first homesites being released, and the opportunity to make an appointment to secure a reservation. Refreshments will be served 🙂

The Villas at Ashlake will be comprised of 82 single-story, maintenance-free homes from the high $270’s. The boutique 55+ community will feature Cornerstone’s trademark resort-style amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, outdoor grill & bar, and walking trails, as well as community vegetable & flower gardens.

Located at the intersection of Ashbrook and Ashlake Parkways in Chesterfield, The Villas are priced from the $230’s. Pre-construction pricing will be available for a limited time only.








For more information about the event or the community, call (804) 234-8525 or visit

Get the Down-Low on Down-Sizing!

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We loved this article we just found on Huffington Post!

Entitled Here’s the Down-Low on Down-Sizing”, Melissa Reed writes about her emotional experience with selling the family home and moving to a more manageable home with her husband.

She very astutely describes the process that so many of our Cornerstone home owners have experienced – moving on from your long-time home, and deciding what to keep and what to toss from years of living in one space. For Reed, like many of us, the process was difficult as she, “joyfully held [her] 38-year old’s kindergarten ceramic project” only to days later, “throw her first baby tooth down the trash chute”.

In a different perspective, Reed’s husband “took no prisoners. He loathes clutter”. One thing is for certain, we all know someone, even if it’s ourselves, that shares either Reed’s or her husband’s opinion on downsizing.

At Cornerstone, we want to make sure that no matter your personality on downsizing during your move, we take the moving process and make sure that it is fun and personal! Our Concierge Program is set up to help make your move simpler and stress-free. Our team of experts can help you prepare your home for sale, right-size your life, and organize your move.

Here are some down-sizing tips:

  • Keep the memories, get rid of the stuff. Downsizing experts recommend concentrating on the memories as you sort and toss. Tell stories about prized items, take photos, enjoy the trip down memory lane. It’ll make it easier to part with things, and remind you why you loved them in the first place.
  • Be practical. If you’re retired, you don’t need a closet full of business attire. If you’re right-sizing, you don’t need four bedrooms worth of furniture. There’s a freedom that comes along with letting go.
  • Be realistic. Your kids probably don’t have an emotional attachment to your dining room suite. It’s really just “stuff”. Your children will be just fine if you toss their art projects and prom dresses. Offer it to them and if they don’t want it, in the trash it goes!
  • Look toward the future, not back at the past. You’re starting a new stage of your life. You don’t need to bring all of your past with you. Enjoy the anticipation of a new home, a new town, and new friends!

We Make Home Buying Easy with our Concierge Program

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Buying a new home can be the time of your life!  At Cornerstone Homes, we make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Why? Because we want to welcome you home to one of our active adult communities sooner so you can start that carefree lifestyle you deserve!

Through our innovative Concierge Program, we partner you with professionals that will help you with every aspect of selling your current home and prepare your move to your new life.

  • Staging is everything, and our design experts will help you stage your current home so it shines and sells quickly.
  • We have partnered with a team of local realtors near each of our 55 and over communities to sell your current home.  Plus, when you list with one of these partners, you will save money on commission fees!
  • Our preferred lenders can help you secure your new home with financing that works best for you and save you money.
  • We’ll even help you organize your move through our local experts. They can help coordinate everything from packing boxes to furniture placement in your brand new Cornerstone home and everythinscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-40-40-pmg in between.

Let us help you make this next chapter in your life an exciting one. Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our Concierge Program today!

The Key to Healthier Living? Owning a Pet!

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A recent study in the medical journal, The Gerontologist, looked at whether there are health benefits for seniors if they have pets. (Anyone who has a dog or cat can tell you we don’t need a scientific study to know that the answer is yes!)

In fact, the study showed that we get definite health benefits from the bonds they form with their companions, especially the benefits they enjoy from dog walking. Aside from being a source of frequent and longer exercise, dog walking is also associated with a lower body mass index, fewer visits to the doctor, and more opportunities for socialization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adults should spend at least 150 minutes on moderate physical activity every weeolder-adults-walking-dogk. For adults aged 60 years and above, walking is usually the most common form of physical activity – and dog walking fits perfectly in that equation!

Social interaction, outdoor spaces, and camaraderie are a big part of the cornerstone lifestyle. All of our communities feature tree-lined streets, sidewalks and walking trails. Some include natural wooded areas, exercise trails, a lake with a boardwalk and canoe launch, and Bark Parks just for you and your furry friends!

We love our pets! Check out Boxwell Glade Park at Barley Woods, our own green oasis!

Thinking of moving? Your timing is perfect!

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Are you thinking of downsizing? Debating the benefits of owning vs renting? Well, a variety of financial vectors have dovetailed to make 2016 the perfect time for you to get out there and make your move. Here are several reasons to BUY a carefree Cornerstone home this year:

  1. Record low interest rates

Even though they may creep up at any moment, interest rates on home loans are still at historic lows. Come see us about buying a new Cornerstone home today!

  1. Skyrocketing rents

Rents outpaced home values in 20 of the 35 biggest housing markets in 2015. What’s more, according to the2015 Rental Market Report, an 8% hike is predicted for 2016. Owning a Cornerstone home is a better financial decision all around.

  1. Stable home prices

For the first time in years, prices that have been climbing steadily are stabilizing, restoring a level playing field for buyers and sellers, even in heated markets. It’s a good time to sell your current home and buy a maintenance-free Cornerstone home!

  1. Tax breaks

Tax laws favor homeowners, so you’re not just buying a place to live—you’re getting a tax break! The biggest one is that unless your home loan is more than $1 million, you can deduct all the monthly interest you are paying on the loan. Homeowners may also deduct home-related expenses and home property taxes. Why wouldn’t you choose to own – especially in one of Cornerstone’s gorgeous neighborhoods!

  1. Reverse mortgages

If you’re 62 or older – and want money to pay off a mortgage, supplement your income, or pay for healthcare expenses – consider a reverse mortgage. It allows you to convert part of the equity in your home into cash without having to sell your home or pay additional monthly bills. Before you decide on a particular mortgage, talk to an expert. Cornerstone’s network of lenders can help you secure your new home with financing that works best for you.

In addition to these financial factors, there are also a couple of other reasons to consider buying a Cornerstone home.

  1. A sense of community!

No matter which Cornerstone home you choose to live in, no matter what amenities you choose to take advantage of, one of the most wonderful benefits we offer is a true sense of community. Our neighborhoods are designed to foster close-knit relationships. From meetings to classes, clubs to teams, you’ll run into your new neighbors all over the place. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own circle of friends!Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.52.39 AM

  1. It’s time for you!

You’ve raised your kids, worked long hours, and saved for this time of your life. Now is the time to enjoy it. Ditch your old house with its list of chores and worries. Embrace Cornerstone’s carefree life, with the opportunity to do whatever you want – whether it’s traveling, enjoying your family, or pursuing your hobbies. “Lock and Leave”. It’s what we are all about. You can travel for months and know that your home is safe. Spoil yourself – you’ve earned it!

5 Ways to Use Your Bonus Room

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Sure, you could use the bonus room featured in the Canterbury and Abbey models as a guest bedroom, but where’s the fun in that? Cornerstone Homes are designed to fit your lifestyle, so give yourself the space you’ve dreamed about. Here are five suggestions for other ways to use that extra room.

  1. Home Office. Run your home-based business. Check on your investments. Finally sit down to do the writing you’ve always wanted. Now you’ve got the time and this is the perfect space.
  2. Yoga Studio. Add calming tones and colors, a sound system, a TV for watching guided meditation videos or yoga videos. Begin your path to inner peace in a room designed to help you achieve your bliss.
  3. Craft Room. Keep all your supplies for painting, gift wrapping, knitting, sewing, and all your other projects organized in one place. If you’ve spent years trying to create at a cluttered dining room table or a cramped work bench in the garage, this is your chance to get the customized creative space you’ve always wanted.
  4. Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.14.52 AMMedia Room. For those who want to feel their entertainments. Watch games and wirelessly stream movies to your 60-inch television or install a state-of-the-art stereo and speakers, crank up the music and tear off the knob. Or throw away the remote. This is your media room and nobody can stop you from making the windows shake.
  5. Library. A sanctuary full of your favorite books–the bibliophile’s fondest dream. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Hardwood floors. Comfortable chairs (we won’t tell anyone if you use them for napping too). Plenty of light. Go analog in a digital world with your custom-built library.
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